which clearomizer to use?

hey guys, im new to this forum and after a large amount of frustration and beating my head on the wall i finally figured out i cant post in the other sections until i reach 70 posts. i feel like a ….. but whatever… now to my question.

i have been dripping for a while now and my clearos have been sitting in my drawer since. limited funds have made me decide to go back to my cool fire 1 and vision spinner for i cannot afford to be going through juice the way i have been. i have a iclear 30 (original), protank 3, and a protank 2 mini. i have a poor memory from a head injury and have forgotten how each perform. which clearo would you guys recommend i use? which one performs the best with the best vapor and TH? the one thing i do remember was the iclear having leaking problems but thats about it.

opinions from users with experience with all 3 would be best but all opinions are welcome and appreciated. thanks in advance and happy vaping!

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