V.A.P.E. Science???

Anyone know anything about vape Science? I got two of their juices in my zamplebox this month and I can’t find anything about them. The two possible websites for them are down, two facebook pages for companies with that name and neither have been updated in many months, twitter feed only has two posts and those were in September 2013. Anyone know anything about them?:unsure:

1st time buyer, all award winners steeped and reviewed

Hey guys, my husband and I are new quitters since this past September. We skipped through the go-stick phase and jumped from evod to drippers in less than a month. Go big or go home! I use a Magma clone on a Panzer clone setup in dual coil at 0.7 ohms. Hubby has Veritas clone on dna 30 box in single horizontal coil at 1.3 ohms. We’ve only tried a few vendors so far (AVE, MBV, Plume Room, Vapor Chef and NT). We haven’t tried many flavors from PR and VC, but we’ve tried the important stuff from AVE and we’ve had quite a few from Mount Baker Vapor (love their prices and customer service). Thanks to my hubby’s infatuation with searching stuff that we might spend money on, we think we’ve had a good run so far in choices of companies and flavors. He managed to find this site and NT, and put alot of faith in the reviews and awards. At the beginning of October we received 50 ml bottles of H1N1, GCD, CLS, CB, Gravity, Betelgeuse, and a little Strawnilla on the side. Here is our thoughts from beginning to 1.5 months:

In the beginning (day 1)
GCD was awesome sauce. Tasted like the mailman baked a cinnamon roll and shoved it in a bottle and into the mailbox.
Betelgeuse was just as good as I had hoped it would be. Like a fruit medley, but made with fruit instead of candy or whatever the other folks think passes for fruit.
CLS tasted like a vanilla bean spludged in my mouth.
CB tasted like a vanilla car freshener was liquified and I stupidly smoked it.
H1N1 tasted like Katy or Clark must have messed up the order and gave me another CLS or CB…either way just as bad.
Strawnilla was just as much vanilla as the others that had vanilla, and just as bad.
Gravity seemed to be impossibly off. It actually started to turn my hubby’s stomach. He wanted to give it a new award….2 fingers up!

Hubby follows NT steep plan (day 3)
We consulted the steep guide on the NT site and my hubby took the drip caps off for 12 hours. We then vaped for another couple days tasting everything.

Betelgeuse was even better than we thought originally. Now this was finally something we would call an ADV.
GCD was just as tasty. No change.
Gravity made a huge jump. Not only did it not suck, my hubby said it might take over top spot if it continued to improve at that rate.
CLS was toned down quite a bit. It didn’t blow out our taste buds with overly strong vanilla.
CB was just like CLS to me; however, my hubby said he tasted the flamed caramel too.
H1N1 was my least favorite (by far) but my hubby said he could taste the tobacco now through the vanilla.
Strawnilla was more toned down, just as the other vanillas, but we wondered if there was any strawberry in it. Maybe it was Frenilla instead?

Once is good so twice is…? (day 7-10)
Better! After the hubby popped the tops for another day things were really changing up quickly. This took place about 7-10 days after receiving the package.

Betelgeuse was still my favorite. Not much change, but why change when it’s already yummy?
Gravity had made another huge improvement. Hubby said it was tied with Betelgeuse. I said not quite…but close.
GCD was no change again. Still outstanding as day 1. Making me hungry thinking about the taste even typing this now.
CLS had mellowed down. This was a tasty vape. I had never eaten a custard, so my hubby took me to a restaurant and we tried some. Yummy
CB also mellowed out. I preferred CLS, but my hubby liked CB more. He said it was the caramel, which I still struggled to taste.
H1N1 was still my least favorite. Hubby kept trying it more and more, saying that it was improving and he was actually starting to like it. IDK why.
Strawnilla was still the same. Straight nilla. No straw.

Shake, store, drip (day 21-30)
We originally thought our success rate was 2 of 6, but the ones we didn’t like just kept getting better.

Gravity had went from the bottom of the pile to the top. This stuff is good. The two breathe days and about 2 weeks of steep time made this crazy delicious.
Betelgeuse was still amazing! Gravity was just amazing….er?
CLS was great, and I knew what a custard was supposed to taste like now so I could tell it was great!
H1N1 was hubby’s #2. I still didn’t like it in week 3, but found myself vaping it instead of my gorilla juice occasionally. Week 4 I was vaping more.
CB was almost as good as CLS. Very yummy, but I’d grab the CLS more often if I wanted a custard.
GCD fell down the list for us. It was still delicious, but everything else had just improved so much. Now almost everything we ordered was outstanding.
Strawnilla was nilla. I wanted the strawberries. The picture made my mouth water thinking of strawberries and cream. Someone left out the berries.

Final Results (day 45ish)

Everything is great. Some are just greater.

H1N1 is my new number 1. I hated it until a couple weeks ago. My hubby told me the gorilla juice was garbage by comparison 3 weeks ago. He was right, damn it.
Gravity is better. Katy is right, Clark. This stuff is absolutely heavenly. To those that voted for Betelgeuse instead…you are among friends. So, stop lying.
Betelgeuse is such killer vape. Katy may be right, but not my much. It’s so good that you really can’t go wrong. Order both.
CLS is next on my list but hubby prefers CB. It’s great I can vape it all day, just like the ones above it.
GCD/CB are both excellent. I can’t decide which I like better. Both are simply yummy.
Strawnilla actually started to have a hint of strawberry taste in it. If the strawberry continues to come out then it’ll probably be amazing. If not then the hubby and I are going to get some strawberry from Mount Baker Vapor when we order next month and add it to the mix. Fingers crossed for a 2 month steep mega move in taste so that it’ll be a clean sweep in awesomeness for all the NT flavors we’ve tried.

As a side note I’d like to say that the customer service from NT is wonderful. My husband and I chatted with Katy and she was very helpful, nice and easy to talk with. I’d bet Clark is the same. What my hubby calls "good people". The delivery was very fast and we were updated by email every step of the way. Only 2 companies that we’ve dealt with that have that kind of service and that kind of friendliness is NT and MBV. Guess who is going to get repeat business from us? Although, it helps that NT’s juice is wicked good stuff. My hubby says if NT does all that and match MBV prices he’ll make a 10 exclusive contract to buy only from them! Thanks for reading, and if you haven’t bought from NT yet then you need to. There are other juices out there, and I’ll try many more, but these guys make juice so good make you wanna slap yo momma!