Newbie here..

Been vaping for about 1 year. What a journey it has been.
Started out with simple Ecigs. Progressed to Innokin Coolfire1. w/ Kanger Pro Tanks Mini. I have 2 of them. I rotate out while vaping.
What is the next step for Me? I really like what I have, but, they seem to sometimes not being able to keep up with my vaping session. If that makes sense. They get a little hot and go down hill. I also want to change out the coils a lot sooner than most. Thanks and glad to be here with much to learn.

juice losing its flavor?

I am very new to all of this and have many questions, so here is one, Does anyone experience a loss of flavor from the juice from using a large tank? I have had mine filled with the same juice for over a week in my big tank (maybe 3ml) and it seems like I don’t taste the flavor as well as my smaller tanks that I use (1.6ml) and refill every 3rd day.

Laying down the Ego-cc

I have had my ego-cc for a few months now, and managed to resolve most of my issues with gurgling and leaking. All were self-inflicted issues and only took some research and reading. The documentation that comes with the unit is not helpful in the least. My final issue is that I get the gurgling and leaking whenever I lay it down. This becomes troublesome because it is not easy to transport upright, and it is large and tips over easy when set on a table.

Am I stuck with this issue, or is there a tip or trick that someone out there has learned to overcome this obstacle?


"Smells like cigarettes" – My current problem

Hey fellow vapers, I’ve recently encountered a problem with my e cig. To start off, I’m 19 and currently living with my father. He can’t stand the smell of cigarettes and absolutely hates them, that being said he doesn’t seem to "hate" the fact that I vape. When I first started, he said it smelled a lot like cotton candy ( I was using butterscotch tobacco blends at the time, maybe his nose was a little off haha). I just have started using a strawberries and cream liquid, and a cherry cola liquid. He started saying my breath smells exactly like cigarettes and he also says my car smells the same, even though I always keep the windows rolled down when I vape. I’ve never had anyone else say "it smells like cigarettes" and to be honest, some say it smells good. I’m starting to wonder if he has some sort of placebo effect going on where he thinks just because he sees me vape, the vapor "smells like cigarettes". I did run his truck to the dump to haul some trash off and took a few drags on the way ( which I should have been more considerate of his feelings and abstained ), and he said " the smell is soaking into my seats and it smelled like cigarettes ". When I was at the dump, I had the windows rolled down and a truck pulled in right beside me, and the two men in it were smoking with their windows rolled down. I could smell it when I got back in the truck and headed home and even told my father about it to which he replied, " you may not smell it, but I notice it and it smells just like cigarettes, its easy to tell you’re smoking something ". I just don’t understand how other people in the house living with me that don’t know that I vape, never notice anything but my dad says it smells like cigarettes. When I smell others vape, it smells like whatever they’re vaping, not cigarettes. Maybe it’s just him? Anyone have some feedback for me?


I’m placing an order next week and I need help.

I KNOW I will be purchasing a) CLS or b) Franilla. Please chime away if you like one over the other.

I have already ordered crème brulee and strawnilla; should be here any day.

But what is this Wakonda? I’ve read the reviews and I can’t get a good feel of what it is? Can someone put it in their own words with me? If it’s a winner, I’ll be ordering a bottle of that as well. Does it have a tobacco taste to it? Or black coffee? Or coffee with cream? I just need some tried and true input.

Thanks for any opinions you can offer me.