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I agree with your opinion.many people who have never used electronic cigarettes in Australia or who are making the switch from another e-cigs brand will opt for a starter kit. These starter kits range in price and features but generally contain all the items you need to get started. For example, a starter kit will include an instructional guide, providing you with advice on how to make the most out of your product in clear and concise language, a battery, and some form of charger. Other starter kits may include accessories or a carrying case, which can be a great way to keep your items safe and will make it easier if you need to look for your electronic cigarettes around the house.


Wondering about the protank 3.

Ive seen more than one person on here say negative things about the protank 3 and Im wondering what exactly turns people off of it? I have one and while I dont have the most experience with any other tanks I actually like mine. Full disclosure my only experience is with a cheap gas station pen and tank combo.:vapor: Loving the vaping lifestyle.


Whastup guys! I figured this thread needed to exist, and I’m honestly surprised it doesn’t already. In a nutshell #CLOUDPORN is just like #coilporn, but for ANYTHING CLOUD RELATED.

Yes you can even post a pic of your new favorite cloud chasing juice if you’d like, your purdy coils you just built, wicking, airflow, batteries, mods, box mods, atty‘s, drip tips, technique, or hell even just pictures of an impressive cloud you blew (or tried to blow whatever :p) ETC. ETC..

I thought it would be cool to just have a place to share whatever is relevant in your cloud chasing universe, particularly pictures/stories you’re proud of (or just want to share in general). Since there isn’t much traffic in the "cloud chasing" section, it might be kinda nice to have a thread where a majority of the visitors go to post anything brag-worthy, or just plain cool.

So I’d say it’s pretty self-explanatory, it may or may not catch on, whatev’s.

I’ll start us off!

("The Outhouse", my ugly as sin homemade box mod. Won a comp. with it though!)

Feel free to post anything you want to share! Any feedback would be much appreciated, I’m interested in seeing how <acronym title="e-cigarette Forum”>ECF clouds! vape strong chasers! :vapor:

**Inside news on cartomizer outlet**

Hi , I joined up to this site as an outlet to help me express how bad of a company cartomizer outlet really is.

If you don’t know already , cartomizer outlet is a new startup company which stocks refills for electronic cigarettes, and , as an ex-employee of theirs , I’m telling you they are criminal!

The conditions of the lab I was stuck In was far from mandatory for what it’s use were. We had mold coming through as we were based in an old barn … Yeah , sounds clean right!
I left work daily complaining of feeling sick and tired from all the exposure to nicotine. But of course , they chose to ignore me . I ended up having to fund my own safety equipment cause I had to go into the sweaty, discusting lab day after day after day … As it was my job.

I can remember be fore I even got there, we were ripping off every customer we sold too as they had no idea how to fill the damn cartomizers correctly!! A good 5 months until I realised what they were doing and called them up on it.

I’m now currently unemployed as the company is in grands of debt, and are now investing all into sales. Seems funny that they let me go 2 months before my 2 year period working for them … Wait .. Isn’t it after two years you get redundancy pay … Hmmmm??

I was there from the start of that company and I’m telling you now as an upset , abused and quote frankly appalled employee of theirs, I beg of you do not have any to do with them as I worry about future employees if theirs and customers .

I’m glad I got this truth off my chest and thank you do much for listening.. Ps. Nicotine poisoning …….** sucks ! :/