Official Squape R[eloaded] thread!

Not seeing a whole lot about the Squape reloaded on here, and moderators are welcome to edit the title if I’m not allowed to label my Squape thread as "official." I just want to get a good information database about it, since the initial thread is a "coming soon" thread, and I was hoping to get a more appropriate tribute to this illusive atomizer.

So let’s talk about it. What do people like? Dislike?

It’s really a clever design with the nonconductive build deck. I loved my genesis atomizers, and I always enjoyed mesh, and the build deck is a huge help for that. I personally still don’t own one, but it’s my mission to pick one up, and soon. The airflow control just looks incredible on this thing. Big huge 3.1mm draw and everything below that. Let’s have a look at the specs from Stattqualm shall we?

Rebuildable Tank Atomizer
 Diameter: 22 mm
 Height (without Squip Tip) : 59mm
 Weight (without Squip Tip): 79 g
 Connector thread: 510
 Airflowcontrol-Ring: SS – changeable (optional in brass and different colors)
 Adjustable centerpin stainless steel
 Volume: ~5 ml
 Material Tank: Stainless steel
 Material Base: Stainless steel
 Decks: Aluminium, ematal coated – non-conductive – convertible
 Chimney: Aluminium, ematal coated – non conductive
 Windows: Borosilicate glass, matt – cut – changeable
 Special SQuip Tip, spare screws, o-rings and hexagon wrench (to remove the chimney) are included

22mm? Check.
AFC? Check.
5mls? Check.
Glass tank? Check.
Adjustable 510? Check.

She’s got almost everything. All the videos on youtube including those done by Pbusardo, Todd and RipTrippers indicate that this thing practically builds itself. Very, very simply. Wicking doesn’t look like a big chore either. The apparent key is: No wick tails.

Lets take a look at some cons real quick.

It’s a heavy sucker. This thing has to weight something like half the weight, or more of a Provari. Height is certainly a con too. While it does have a nano tank available, the nano tank is a solid steel tank with no windows. It’s also very expensive. Expect to pay about 180 bucks for one of these bad boys, and that’s if you can get your hands on one. The clones have had somewhat less than stellar feedback from what I understand, namely being that the clones non-conductive coating doesn’t stay on very well or very long.

So lets talk about it! Lets hear from some of the lucky owners and have them share their experience and DEFINITELY picture heavy. It’s a beaut, and I personally can’t wait to get ahold of one…


hello,need some help

Ok i have 2 issues,one is i cannot find a stand of any sort that will fit my emow mega its .73 in wide so basicly 18 or 19 mm everything is too small, and my other issue is finding a vv battery i can use on the emow mega tank while the original battery charges because the tank is wider as well, any help or suggestions. Semper fi

Help! Need an indestructible, beginner level tank

Hey guys,

So here’s the skinny. My bf is a <acronym title="Advanced Personal Vaporizer, aka mod“>APV demon. As in, I swear he does some black magic and every set up he uses dies…

He’s a welder by trade so he works in some nasty conditions. Sparks, molten slag, potential drops of 10 feet or more, etc. Don’t ask how many EVOD batteries he killed before I got him a LVT.

Now that he’s got a reliable battery, I need to find him a tank that he likes, but can’t be killed. The big thing is not only is he rough on them, he’s picky. :facepalm:

So far:

  • He liked EVODs. They’re kinda idiot proof. But they’re low capacity and he’s managed to kill 3.
  • He doesn’t like T3S’s. Better capacity, but kill prone. All that un-reinforced plastic…
  • Aspire Vivi Nova S… There’s a fun one. He loved it with BDC coils, but those have gone the way of the dodo bird. He hates the BVC coils, they’re duds or they leak. He’s wasted more juice than he vaped recently.
  • He likes his RSST, but can’t take it to work. Not job site friendly, and he has no idea how to fix it if it malfunctions. That’s my job.

Does anybody have an idea of a good tank for him? Something idiot proof, indestructible, preferably bottom coil? Good airflow preferred, he gets irritated when the draw is really restricted. Single coil or double not an issue for him, although I would rather he have a single as he burns through less juice a week.

Thanks in advance!

battery problems

so i have the ipv2s and im not sure if the problem is with the device, or the battery. whenever i use the device [press the fire button] the battery goes from how much ever it is charged to much less. for example if its half charged it will drop to 1/4 on the battery indicator. is the battery messed up or does the device does not preform right? malfunctioning ETC? any suggestions/opinions will be highly welcomed guys. thanks in advance

Another wood Mech

This is my third box build. It got the FD connectors in the mail yesterday afternoon and dove right in. Bottom is milled out of a block of Lacewood and top is Tigerwood. I mortised out the door for a Soss invisible hinge and used some copper plate to move the power to where it needed to be. Once I figured out the switch, everything went together pretty nicely. The switch is a long brass sex bolt, a spring and part of a .223 shell casing. I wish I would have thought to take some in process photos but otherwise not a bad way to spend the weekend.
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