So disappointed in new local vape shop

So driving home from work the other day, I heard an advertisement for a new vape shop that opened up about an hour from where I live. We don’t have ANY shops here, so as soon as I heard the commercial, I knew I was going. I talked to a guy I work with, that I just introduced to vaping, and asked if he wanted to go with me to check the shop out. He was all excited, and honestly I was too. So today was the day. We loaded up this morning, and made the hour trip with money in our pockets and high hopes. OMG! It wasn’t a big shop at all, but hey, new business, no issue with starting small. I walked up to the counter to check out some of the hardware on display, and the first thing I saw was a mini pro tank3. Price tag:25.99!!!!!! 4.00 each for replacement coils for it. The guy I took with me has only been vaping a few weeks. He picked up a mvp2 from the counter and immediately says " I’m getting this for sure" (I let him use mine for a while until he made his first purchase). I asked how much it was, and the guy behind the counter replied that it was only 85.00. I almost lost it!! I left home this morning with all intentions of overpaying a little to support someone just starting out to show some appreciation for them taking a gamble and bringing vaping to light for more people. All I found was an uneducated, greedy smuck, trying to take advantage of people. The owner spotted my Reo, and of course had no idea what it was. We engaged in a few minutes of conversation and I asked if he was familiar with <acronym title="e-cigarette Forum”>ECF. Never heard of that either. He tried pushing some juice I’ve never heard of on us before we left for 20.00 per 15ml and I responded that I usually make my own. His eyes lit up, and without asking another question he offers me a job. Says he wants to sell his own juice line and needs someone that knows how to make it. At that point I just had to walk away. I feel bad for the people that will find their way to this shop that don’t know anything about vaping, but wanting to try it and looking for guidance.

Guys, single coil reading a higher ohm than a dual coil build???


"Oh, okay, I see ohms law of resistance. If I can I’ll delete this. Thx"

Why is is that I’m squishing together a 7 wrap 26 guage a1 kanthol and getting about a 1.0 ohm reading….

While after I’m adding on a 2nd coil, the build will go down???

Ohm multi reader and IPV 2 is reading the same and yes I’m using the positive and negative posts correctly.

Even my single 1 ohm squished 7 wrap seems high?



Your go to dual coil build

Sorry if I’m posting a ton of new topics in here, but I have found if I ask too many different questions in one topic the answers tend to be watered down.

What is your go to dual coil build for .6 ohms?

What is your dual coil build for .4 ohms? I saw a video on the "Stove Top" build and I was intrigued.

got a cold, and a question

Well, I’ve got what seems to be a cold, to judge from the usual headcold symptoms. My question is about PG. Lately I’ve been vaping a very high level of PG, 90%, because of a bad reaction I had from an ejuice over the last few weeks, with my breathing getting worse and worse, so I finally stopped vaping that juice, and have been vaping high PG to give my lungs a break — I discovered a while back that my lungs respond much better to PG than to any level of VG over 25%. However, since I’ve had this cold, I’ve had the most ungodly sore throat, very red (I don’t have tonsils, so can’t tell anything about them), and the inside of my nose has been ungodly sore, and bleeding quite often after I blow my nose — which naturally I have to do a lot, having a cold.

I’m wondering, could this high level of PG, coupled with the irritation of the cold, cause this sore throat, sore nose/sinuses, and nosebleeds? I’m not running a fever, so I doubt very seriously there is any reason to suspect strep, because otherwise the red, irritated throat would be very worrisome. I’m thinking maybe I’m noticing the throat/sinus/nose problems more, because I don’t have the usual deep chest cough that I always got when I had a cold as a smoker — my lungs are fine, it’s just hell from the neck up. And also concerned that maybe my high PG level is irritating further, mucous membranes that are already quite irritated from the cold. I’ve added a bit of VG to the juice I’m currently vaping, to bring the level to 80PG/20VG — I still don’t want to vape much VG, because it causes so much trouble with my lungs, but I thought it was worth trying just lowering the extremely high PG level a little.

Any thoughts?