Anti tobacco fanatics going for alcohol now too.

Watch out: the anti-smoking fanatics now want to regulate drinking – Telegraph

Too damn funny. A prohibitionist by any other name… They just can’t help themselves, always gotta be peeking out the window worried about what other people are doing. It must suck to have a brain that works like that. They should medicate ’em to soothe their meddling/suffering.


This body informed peers that drinking should be subject to many of the same prohibitions as smoking.

It is demanding legislation to impose new restraints on marketing alcoholic drinks, an end to sponsorship of sport by drinks companies, and a blanket ban on representatives from the drinks industry attending meetings civil servants.

It is tempting to dismiss these demands as preposterous. This would be most unwise. The anti-smoking lobby has proved extremely effective in recent years – and its most recent success is the announcement of the closure of the JTI Gallaher plant in Northern Ireland, resulting in the loss of more than 800 jobs.

A bunch of questions

Hello fellow vapers! Ive been in the vaping world since April, and I’ve learned quite a bit. But I was on and off because I could NOT find my E-juice… ive had a little more luck lately, and im getting back into vaping.

Now rebuildables are starting to seem fun to me, and im starting to get a better grasp on how vaping works,and not just "YOU PRESS THIS BUTTON AND IT HEATS IT UP"

I’ve watched a bunch of tutorials on YouTube / read posts on here /etc and Ive learned so much. BUT after all this research and learning I have new questions now….. so here they are, hopefully some of the smarter people can help me out here 😛

I just ordered a VAMO V6, and I got an EFEST 18650 (1600mah) battery. How does the whole wattage/voltage thing work? From what I’ve learned, I should adjust by watts??? and the battery is only 3.7v so can that push out 20w?

~If I build an RDA, will I have to keep taking off the top and dripping onto the cotton directly? or can I drip thru the top? (Trident V2)
~I heard I should NOT vape nicotine on an RDA, like it will kill you o,o Is this true? or is it just stronger on an RDA?z
~whats the difference between Gages? like 32 and 28 gage canthol?
~can I use a lighter to burn the cantol? or do I NEED to use a torch?????
~whats the diffrence between Nichrome and Kanthol? are both safe for vaping use?
~what kind of wire does kanger use?

Starting DIY

Hey there everyone!

This is something I’ve been contemplating for some time now; I’m wanting to start making my own juice. Not only for the price, but so that I can make a juice that fits my own tastes, I can be kind of picky. After some research and debating, I need help finding a "starter" kit. Or a one stop shop.

I realize there is a thread for starters, but it really seems outdated. So I’m asking you guys knowing that I just started to help create a shopping list for me.

First Mod and my wife is happy….

After hours and hours and hours of reading and searching on here and the net, viewing hours of Youtube videos to gain some insight into what to start my wife off with….we took the advice of many on here and went to our local vape shop and got hooked up.

We came home with a pretty Green Hana DNA 30 clone fitted with a Kangertech GeniTank Mega and and about 4/5 bottles of juice!
They threw in a USB wall charger and the juice so we only paid for the unit and tank.

I’d have to say that if you are new to the vaping and have access to a vape shop….or a good vape lounge so that you can get hands on and get some good some taste of different juices.

Not everyone has these options but if you do…take advantage of them!!

Great Night in Vapeville

Went to hang out at my favorite B&M this evening. Met a cool chef ( food type) and turned him on to NT. AND bought a Stingray X clone for $20 from another customer who was wanted to subsidize a reg mod.
The guys at this place are great. I bought the clone in the middle of their small store. They checked it out for me, cleaned it and gave me the heads up that it was worthy.
They stock the same mod for $70.
I’d give the name of the shop, but I don’t want cause trouble for my fond, retail acquaintances with the owner.
The new Stingray is going to be paired with a plumeveil christened with, what else than Wakonda.

DBTwist e-cigarettes is coming soon

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