Cheap alternative to SJ Eclipse?

I’ve tried a fair number of liquids so far, and lately I’ve been drawn to sweet tobacco flavors (Eclipse is just about perfect, in terms of sweetness and such). To date, my favorite liquid is Space Jam’s Eclipse. The problem is that I’m on unemployment and barely scraping by, so $1/ml is a bit much right now. So I was wondering if anyone knows of a liquid that compares to Eclipse, but perhaps not quite as expensive?

For context, I generally like complex flavors. I find that most in tobacco flavors, but I also like a small minority of others such as Five Pawns. Unfortunately most dessert flavors don’t hold my interest; I’m not sure exactly what it is about Five Pawns that I like compared to others. I also like most of Halo’s stuff and Mountain Oak Outlaw. I’ve not really cared much for most of the RY4s that I’ve tried (I mostly just find them boring); I got a 30ml bottle of an RY4 a few months ago and only used half of it. I don’t like candy flavors. I’d be open to "if you like those, you’d love this" kind of recommendations as well.

I’m sure people are sick of this kind of thread, so I appreciate your time and any recommendations.

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