How do E-cigs work??

Hey guys, I am new to the forum and probably not a true expert as most of you most guys are. Considering I now work for TedTobacco ( an online store who sells hookahs and tobaccos), I’d love to learn more, get your feedback , and be part of the community!

So, I recently wrote an article on how e-cigarettes work, focusing on the basics of explaining the parts of an e-cig and how to activate it. The general starting level of all e-cig reads, but would love some help in: best brands/flavors to smoke, any cool mods from basic e-cigs, and the difference between e-cigs and vapes?

I got a bunch of questions but can start here. Greatly appreciate anyone who can help the newbie out, lol. Thanks again in advance!

Couple questions

Okay guys been vaping about a week and enjoy it so far. I have noticed I haven’t needed it as much as I thought I would. About a pack and a half smoker a day on top of a can a day of chew. Since I’ve been vaping haven’t touched a cigarette or dip. Just have a few important questions I’ve yet to figure out

How do you determine when your coil is bad? I had a case today where all I could taste was the old previous flavors. I took my device apart and cleaned it real good and all is good now.

I have an ego evod device and 2 1100 mah batteries. I bought a kanger tech mini pro tank 2. I like it alot so far. If i have to buy coils for the mini pro tank 2..will them same coils work for my other evod device as well?

Last question..Any good suppliers of legit tasting mt dew or Pepsi ejuice?

Favorite MODs, builds, etc.?

Basically, like the title says, reply with your favorite mods, builds, batteries, AWG, attys or tanks, juice and nic levels?

I’m rippin a Dreadnaut 26650 with 20g 5 twist 1.4mm coils.
I don’t particularly like clearomizers, I’m a dripper.
I usually vape either Wanted MAXX 100vg with 0-6mg nicotine, or Fuzion vapes 6mg nicotine
I plan on getting a KTS 18300-18650 telescopic and a lotus atomizer

Great Article on the Possible Health Benefits of Nicotine

This popped up today on my Facebook timeline, and I thought I would share it here. I realize the site it’s on has a lot of New Agey stuff, but the author of the article is a published social psychologist. She cites her sources and includes a lot of great links in the article. Definitely worth a read!

Is Everything We Know About Nicotine Wrong? | The Mind Unleashed

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Magma issues fixed!

I have seen several threads regarding issues with the Magma RDA, and this is my take on the subject. I addressed the issue with minor leaking out of the air holes and the weeping behind the air control ring.

If your Magma is missing the o-ring behind the air control ring, add one from your Kayfun spare parts. This ends the juice getting behind the ring. I modded my Magma clone’s deck with a vertical mill / small rotary table & dremel in my home machine shop. This ends the leaking through the air holes from condensation. The end result is the way it should have been made in the first place. No more annoyances. As long as I never over-squonk, all is perfect! {It’s a bottom feeder now}

Machining was done with a .125" end mill. Rotary table was set at .300" off center on X axis and about .070" depth of material was removed. 🙂
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Hi from Fredericksburg

Hi all-
My name is Josh and I have been vaping for about a year now and over the past few months it has almost become an obsession. I recently got my first mod and that sucker is guzzling up juice. I have decided to start making my own and that is why I am here. I have been reading a lot of post on <a href="”>diy juices and figured I might as well join because im sure I will have a bunch of question. Nice to meet you all.