e-Cig 101: Cleaning Your Tanks, Clearomizers, Cartomizers and Cartridges

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When and how to clean your vaping tanks, clearomizers, cartomizers and cartridges Instructions for beginning and new vapers on how to clean you vaping gear I…
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New to ECF, been "lurking" for a few months… (is that baaaad?)

Hello my beautiful fellow vapers! (My "real" name is Heather, but I am a Great Dane Momma- hence the nickname….) I have been "lurking" <acronym title="e-cigarette Forum”>ECF for quite a few months, and I am kinda nervous about being "official" here… Believe it or not, I’m more shy on a forum, than in real life- where I can "read" someone in person… Vaping as help me QUIT(!!!) the stinkies, and for that I will forever be grateful. My main mission in life is to now help more people feel as AWESOME as I do when they finally make the decision to break free from the analogs. (Oh wait… when the accidentally quit and prefer Vaping to smoking…. lol)
Once I found my first favorite juice, I quit THAT day. I live in a small town in KY- where vaping is still very "unknown"- (I have had people call my mods "crack pipes"!!!) I have taken the initiative to open our own little Vapor shop- (there’s not another one around for 30 miles- in ANY direction!!!) I recently did our local festival, and the welcome I got was AMAZING!!! (I sold out of almost everything!!!) Since then, it’s been a little easier to educate people- although the "hemp oil" saga still has quite a stigma, being a small town!!! (Although it saddens me that there are still a lot of "closet vapers" in our area). The one that sticks out the most in my mind is a super sweet girl I met- she had to have been about 25-26… She slid her shoulder bag around to hide it, and then pulled out the mouthpiece to her Protank… She was super self conscious about the fact that she vaped!! She said, and I quote, "I am a vaper, I like to mod, but I don’t want anyone else to know- can I sneak behind your booth to try some of your juices??"
My question to all of you beautiful vapers: Have you had to deal with similar issues? How have you dealt with them? I know the benefits of vaping, but most of our small town residents have "listened" to the scare tactics… Any "tasteful" ways to deal with this??
Thanks in advance!

Darn usps

So I ordered a couple holiday orders last week. One for me and one for my brother… And usually, without fail almost, my orders show up the Friday on the week following the sale. No mail yesterday. No mail today(mail comes on Saturdays here as well) . I checked the tracking, it said… My brother order was delivered. But my order says it’s still only picked up. Usually it gets scanned in somewhere, usually Chicago and bay city. Had no scans at all. Of all the orders to be late on, they had to be late on this one. I guess my pumpkin spice will have to steep. Sigh

Not like I’m short on juice or anything… But I was super stoked for this one lol

help please with my 1st sub ohm build

ok here’s the thing guys i made my 1st sub ohm build which is a dual macro coil. using a 28g kanthal. the reading is .89 ohm. ok here’s my problem with this .89 ohm dual macro coil build is that. my single coil 1.19 ohm is giving me much more vapor than this macro coil. running the 2 with my voltage meter the 1.19 ohm is 3.60v and in the .89 dual macro coil is only 3.47-3.50 and the last i checked the battery is running in a 3.80v and oh im using a hades mod with <a href="http://www.canvape.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=IMR26650Purple” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Efest 26650 64A 3500mah battery. im guessing the problem is that i should have fully charge my battery before doing the coil or did i do something wrong with the coil? help help help guys.