New to vaping

Hi guys: New vaper here and been on cigs for a long time. Using a provari now with a ml vivi nova tank.

Noticed that after a week of vaping; there’s a burnt bad taste and the coil is all bad.

Is there any correlation to this and the resistance of the coil ? (mine is 1.8 ohms):(

Hi all

Hi guys, i’m very excited to join the eciggy world. I’m currently using a Provari with a vivi nova tank (3ml). A couple of questions if anybody minds answering?
* what other tanks would you recommend for provari?
* what privileges would "verified" members have besides posting beyond the newby forum
* whats the latest studies on the health ramifications of long term eciggy usage?

Thanks all.:tongue:

Yet another VTC5 battery thread but with a twist

I recently purchased a pair of Sony VTC5 batteries from Amazon for $31. Did Sony ever manufacture VTC5’s with 5 "prongs"? Could you guys help me out to determine if they are counterfeit or legit? I would like to return them if they are indeed counterfeit.

Here’s are some photos of the batteries.
Are these Sony VTC5? (will update title if confirmed genuine) – Imgur

Conversation between the seller and I.


I believe the batteries I received are not Sony manufactured which would make them non-genuine. I would like to resolve my concerns before I attempt to return them. Any evidence/documentation they are indeed genuine would satisfy me.

The main reason I think their fake is because there are 5 "contact" points instead of the usual 3. I searched for a good hour and could not find any VTC batteries with 5 "prongs".

So here lies the problem. Most sites are selling clones and create a fake vs real image that misleads the public. The original VTC3 had a 3 prong top, vtc4 4 prong, the vtc5 has 5 prongs. So the real way to identify would be by the prong number + stripping down the coat as shown in the picture attached. That goes to show how many people out there most likely have fake batteries. This may not be 100% true, but because of the OEM nature, (see pasted article below) Sony is really only the owner of the battery cell technology. They have for a very long time not been manufactured by sony at all and various companies like samsung use the sony vtc technology.

I have no problem at all issuing you a refund and will even pick them up from you to save you the hassle. We do what all quality control centers do when testing, we look for the data and make sure it corresponds to the data sheet, since in the end a fake usually is not close to the quality of a genuine oem battery and we have seen that the tests prove to be far from the specs listed in the data sheet.

Please let me know how you would like to proceed and it won’t be an issue.


Nice pic! I just replied to your previous message. If you are able to test the battery for yourself, I have no doubt they perform at the specified parameters.. Would it be ok for me to use that picture you took? I will wait for your confirmation.

Use it to your hearts content! Also I am satisfied they are legit Sony VTC5 batteries! I would also like to thank you and applaud your customer support! Thank you very much! I wish there was a way to make a "sticky thread" of all of this for the vape community. lol

Thanks again and I owe you karma (or gold if you reddit)!

Enjoy your night!

Yes, my Chocolate Mint is cause toothstain… $0 solution right here!


First off, I wish I’d done a video for this, or even took pictures to prove this.

I recently bought a 2Puffs wide barrel short tip. My daily vape is a chocolate mint, and I chain vape this stuff.

Well, I noticed one of my front teeth developing a brown stain where I rest the tip in my mouth. I’ve been freaking out about it for a week. Today I had a major social event and did everything I could NOT to smile or show my teeth, that’s how embarrassed I was.

I then started searching this site and others and there is a constant state of denial about this – yes, vaping CAN stain your teeth if its a dark liquid, of that I have no doubt.

In despair I started searching for hi-tech solutions, like tooth whitening kits etc. Everything has risks. I then remembered my memaw (grandmother). This quaint old lady never used toothpaste – she always used baking soda. I always thought that was odd as a kid. But she had great looking teeth.

So, I grabbed the baking soda and headed to the bathroom to experiment. I took a dollop of Crest (yes, a dollop is a valid scientific measure of quantity) and then used it to scoop out a big pile of baking soda on top of the paste. I have a good electric rotating brush. I turn it on and started scrubbing. I did the stained tooth, putting pressure on and moving back and forth and in circles. Did this for about a minute. I then rinsed and looked.

Some of the stain was GONE. Holy S**T. So, encouraged by this I took another pass at it and did my whole upper tooth surface in the front for about 6 minutes with 3 separate scoops of paste and powder… spat and rinsed… HOLY S**T again, the stain was not only gone, but the whiteness of my teeth was back!

I did my whole mouth like this and I would say I went up 3 brightness levels in whiteness, got rid of stains and it looks like I got a professional treatment at the dentist!

So, if you have staining issues, go grab an electric toothbrush (rotating head, saves scrubbing), some toothpaste and several tablespoons of baking soda and try this advice. I guarantee you will be ecstatic with the results.

‘crow out.

Electronic cigarettes make smoking risk free

E Cigarettes or the electronic cigarette is an innovative way for smokers to get their nicotine fix without smoking normal tobacco cigarettes. As they are getting their nicotine, there will not suffer any withdrawal symptoms and also do not need to take the comfort of patches and gum. Besides, since these cigarettes last a long time, they can save money and not watch it go up in smoke quite literally.

So what is an electronic cigarette? It is an unbelievable alternative to smoking and it is proving a boon to many habitual smokers. People who have tried these cigarettes do not want to go back to what they had been smoking earlier. Besides, these cigarettes are available online also and these sites offer regular and deluxe packages at good prices, thus allowing smokers to save. They also describe in details what is offered, how to draw the pure nicotine into the lungs, and also the kind of flavors available with them, that will enhance the pleasure of smoking with non-existent side effects. The feeling remains the same of holding a cigarette in your hand and even taste the flavor that you have begun to love due to the constant smoking.

Best Electronic cigarette make smoking risk free. These are revolutionary products and their advantages far outweigh normal tobacco cigarettes. It reduces health risks to the smokers and those in the vicinity of a smoker as there is no smoke. The acrid and foul odor that one can smell on the hands and mouth of a smoker is totally eliminated. Besides, they are accepted in non-smoking areas also. When you look at an e-cigarette, it looks exactly like a conventional cigarette made from tobacco. It consists of a recyclable aluminum cylinder, a capsule that contains liquid nicotine and a lithium battery that makes it work. Since there is no tobacco, there is nothing to burn and hence this smokeless cigarette does not emit smoke. It however, emits water vapor. Also, no chemicals are added. These chemicals found in normal cigarettes are not inhaled and neither is any second hand chemical let out into the environment by way of the smoke. Therefore, they are much more beneficial than smoking normal cigarettes made of tobacco.

As the nicotine is in the cylinder, the size of the cigarette does not burn down or lessen in size. It can last for a long time. For a person who wants to quit regular smoking, the smokeless cigarette is the best bet. And there are green smoke products that are safe to use, pose no health hazard to yourself and your neighbors and still gives the benefit of smoking a real cigarette. For people who have tried all other methods of giving up smoking, this is the right product to help you. But in all health related cases, consult your physician before beginning smoking electronic cigarettes.

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