Lifestyle change: vapor cigarette

smokers are a group of people who badly need a radical lifestyle change. smokers expose their health to serious, potentially fatal harm. Through second-hand smoke, users of tobacco products also expose people near them to the same health hazards that they are exposed to. smokers also worsen the state of the environment when they exhale smoke containing various toxic gases in addition to carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is the main greenhouse gas. Increased amounts of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere intensifies global warming, which in turn, wreaks havoc to the world’s weather and climate systems and causes incalculable damage to biodiversity.

If you can change the world by a single act of will, wouldn’t you do so? If you are a smoker, changing your lifestyle by replacing a stick of conventional cigarette with a vapor cigarette will radically change your world. It will significantly reduce your exposure to certain diseases such as pancreatic cancer, lung cancer, and heart disease. Your risk of suffering from strokes and heart attacks also plummets considerably.

By using a vapor cigarette instead of a tobacco product, you prevent people near you from absorbing second hand smoke, which causes serious, deadly diseases. You also get to help preserve the environment if you make a lifestyle change through an e-cigarette starter kit. This is because a vapor cigarette does not produce carbon dioxide and any other noxious, toxic gases unlike conventional cigarettes. What a vapor cigarette produces are water, propylene glycol, and food flavors. These are safe substances that are individually approved by the FDA. What they do have is a fragrant aroma, a different thing altogether compared to the stink tobacco smoke causes. That means your shirt gets finally free of the ashtray-scented stink it usually has. Lastly, there are no byproducts such as smelly, dirty, and polluting cigarette butts when you use vapor cigarette.

To begin your new lifestyle, you need to purchase an e-cigarette starter kit from a reputable dealer. An e-cigarette starter kit doesn’t cost much and will be instrumental to finally kicking smoking out of your system. Commonly included in an e-cigarette starter kit are spare mouthpieces or cartridges, e-liquid, a battery charger, and a vapor cigarette. The vapor cigarette was invented in 2003 and is now taking a substantial number of smokers and non-smokers by storm. In fact, the e-cigarette starter kit is becoming a lucrative business, both online and in brick-and-mortar outlets. Getting your own e-cigarette starter kit is a pre-requisite to a healthier lifestyle.

For smokers, a healthy lifestyle begins with acquiring an e-cigarette starter kit. It then proceeds with genuine enjoyment of safely puffing on a <a href="”>vapor cigarette. If you want to know more about this practical and healthier lifestyle, visit the numerous online resources on the web. While at it, decide which flavors you want your <a href="“>e-liquid in. You can try as many as you want

DIY – first week with my stuff…

Hey there everyone. So I just spent about a week with my stuff from Wizard Labs and I have to say…

originally I wanted to get into some <a href="”>diy to
1. save money
2. replicate flavors I fall in love with that my favorite local vape shop can’t seem to keep stocked lately

I have to say I picked up about 16 flavors from Wizard and so far every single one of them is THE BOMB! How did I buy bad ejuice when I can just mix up a single flavor and get such good results? What were these other people doing wrong in larger quantity production?

Wow! I got the Cola flavor (not to be confused with Cola Syrup flavor) from WL as well – Flavor Apprentice and holy hell it’s the best tasting yet!

I am super afraid to try the black tobacco and black honey tobacco as some people have noted that there is a rather long steeping time attached to these two and I’m finding this batch of Strawberry Vanilla Cupcake I whipped up is steeping quite nicely after just a few days. Kind of using the bakery flavor to get me through the morning craving for coffee + cigarette! I was going to use tobacco flavor but got a little afraid after reading on here some feedbacks.

I been passing this around to smokers at work and now 5 of them are asking me to get them a device and mix them some juice. I’ve even made 40 dollars in profits just helping people get set up!

A couple of the ladies at the office want special flavors I haven’t ordered yet so I took the money they wanted to pitch in and ordered the supplies. I’m not trying to make money – just enjoying not smoking and they are paying me to help them 🙂

Ok I been vaping on this Cola all day and all night and just HAD to post! More flavors to come and maybe I’ll even follow a formal recipe at some point! 🙂


hi im a newbie to forum my question is I have a pat rda and it works fine on inno vv nut when I put it on my mvp it does not I get message of non no matter what volt or watts yet I put it on my vv and it works great what the heck they are similar mods excep for batt anyone have same problem? if you do I would app an answer I am completely befudelled what could be wrong makes no sense to me HELP:confused:

Kanger Pro Tank 3 problems

Hi Everybody

Had this tank a few weeks now, my tank arrived with two short coils, when to get two replacement coils the other day and was given the long shaft designs. Changed the coil tonight and I get the demonic gaping experience is leaking, flooding gurgling etc. I’m sure a few of you have experienced it on here and horrible the experience is. Very frustrating and very unpleasant, went back to you tube and watched a video that the cause is in fact the coil. Best ones to use are the short ones. I took out the one I had put in and hey presto problem resolved.

Does anyone know what these coils are called for the Kanger Pro Tank 3 ? Also I live in the UK so a good supplier would also be really helpful. I been able to cut right down on my smoking and have been gaping for just over a month. But I got to rectify the flooding and leaking or it going to lead me back to analogues. As i don’t like liqued leaking into my mouth in fact I hate it.