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I’ve been blending 100% VG with nic and flavor. I’ve been quite satisfied. I’m dripping 3% nic and about 3-5% flavor. The vape is warm, moist and delicious. My problem started when I decided to bump up the nic to 24 mg/ml, and my juice was so thick that it wouldn’t wick into my Nautilus BVC . That, and I just read that VG is better when it’s diluted with distilled water or sterile saline.

My question is how much should I dilute my VG base to allow it to wick up my BVC, should I dilute it with distilled water or sterile saline, and how much will my flavor be affected by diluting my VG base?


My Freedom Smokes – Customer service issue : Jake67

Company name
My Freedom smokes

Date of your initial complaint to the supplier.

21 October 2014

How did you contact the supplier


Ticket number (if you were issued one)

General nature of complaint

Customer service

Briefly describe your problem or issue

Purchased 3 5 packs of the Nautilus BVC after business hrs on the Oct 20. When I received the shipping confirmation it read BDC coil which is older inferior product. I immediately sent a response to support letting them know about the error. Today on the 21st at 7:30 Am I received a tracking number i replied to the email and have had communication via this method in the past. No reply. I called and left numerous messages with no return call. I received an email late morning that the shipment couldn’t be corrected because order was already at the USPS station. In the past I was told that the tracking was only created and all orders were shipped end of business day. I was told by Alex that they had not received my email because they operate from 9-5
and could not correct the error. I asked for a return label and that was denied.

I have dealt with the company in the past. My first order was was supposedly shipped and then I received a call from Alex stating that my order which had a tracking number was out of stock. He suggested a replacement of a similar product.

I can continue to support my case but I think the pattern is clear here. This vendor is unwilling to correct mistakes. if you would like the emails to support my claim please let me know.

New Member Saying Hello

Hi All!

Just wanted to stop in and introduce myself. I’m Nickie and I am a complete vaping newbie. Still piecing together my first device as I am looking, getting ideas, and learning. I am mostly interested in helping my wife quit smoking. I am not much of a smoker, just a cigar maybe once a month. Since there is no smoking in the house, I thought vaping may be a way to help her and give me an alternative to cigars when I don’t feel like going outside or whatever. I’m waiting for my Nautilus mini and juice to come in, still deciding on a battery.

Anyway, a lot of very helpful information on this site so I want to say thank you to all that take the time to contribute. I’m sure I will have many questions.


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Freedom Laser Therapy salutes Sir Richard Branson for the following: his personal stand on smoking, his belief in the usage of a nicotine free method of quitting, Virgin’s support of the World Health Organization’s “World No Tobacco Day” (May 31st 2014) and Branson’s efforts to help free smokers from the clutches of nicotine addiction.

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