plume veil issues

I got my plume veil clone by tobeco about 2 weeks ago. The first problem I’ve noticed is whenever I tighten the post screws they tend to snap the wire then I have to make another coil. Another problem I’ve ran into is after a while one of the screws (positive post) will loosen up and I need to tighten it again which usually snaps the wire and I’m screwed. Anyone else have these problems? I really wanna like this tank but I just keep going back to my older ones when I run into these problems.

ejuice viscosity

Hi guys,

I’ve read a bit everywhere that juice viscosity was a matter of pg/vg ratio, but i’ve found out that i have some juices, both 50/50 that are very different in term of viscosity and thickness of 2 50/50 juices can be radically different to the point where i have to adjust my wicking differently while some of my 70%pg juice can be thicker than other 50%, am i crazy?:confused:

VG – Approved by FDA?

I am in the process of writing a paper on vaping and I very easily located propylene glycol on the fda website noticing that it is GRAS.

Vegetable glycerin however I can not locate on their website as being recognized as GRAS for consumption.. Any chance anyone has been able to find this page?

I have also searched for Glycerol, Glycerine, and Glycerin and still only found mono and diglycerides.