amp limit question

i just upgraded from my ego to a vision spinner not noticing big difference from ego. heres my question i have got mini protank 3 and heads 1.5 dual coil i set it 4.3 volts and i read amp limit on these things are 2.5 and i think my ohms law it somewhere around 2.6 is it possible that vision is backing it down to lower volts

mixing premade juices?

Hi, i just wanted make sure i got this mixing different pre made levels right here. I mixed space jam’s astro (50/50) with hoops (70/30) by alpha. It would make a new level of 9, right? Im under the assumption of the formula of adding the two different levels and dividing by 2 would apply here. I under stand that if mixing a higher level and lower level will change the level. But different vg/pg levels im not sure of. Certainly thinned the hoops though made it more pleasureable to vape. What did i create and is their a method or formula for doing such things. It was a tasty mix of granny smith apple and honey dew mellon so the flavors were good. I was borde and wanted to experiment so input please.
Thanks all

UD AGA-T4 Help

Hello all! I recently purchased an aga-t4 genesis type atomizer. I’ve been looking for good builds for it using cotton but am having some problems getting it just right. Everything I’ve tried the density and flavor production just aren’t there. The first time I tried I used 28awg kanthal with 7 wraps on 2mm screw driver but I messed up the wicking and got dry hits. I’ve done about 4-5 builds on it today with 28 and 30 gauge wire and varying resistances. I’m no longer getting dry hits however the vapor is very loose and doesn’t carry hardly any flavor. I just can’t seem to pin this thing down. If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be wonderful. Pictures would also be appreciated if you have them. Thank you all again!

New taste after re-wicking?

So first things first, I’m not new to caping and I’ve been in the scene a lot I just now kind of decided to join the forum. But anyways. I’m vaping on a plumeveil clone and I noticed I had to clean my coils, so I dry burned them to get the black off. I usually run them under cold water after but I didn’t this time. I rewicked the build and waited for the juice to soak and vaped, and got this terrible taste I can’t even describe. Not like burnt cotton or metallic at all. Almost like a burning plant. I rewicked it again thinking it was the wick and got the same problem. Any ideas? I just plan on rebuilding it when I get home, but I rather like my build and would like to know if there is a way to save it.

And this is why I love the NT Family.

I got to spend a lovely afternoon with the one and only penguiness today. Not only did she take the time to drive an hour to come to me, she brought her NT stash and let me have at it. Y’all, she let me try her Katy’s Virus even! (psst….Clark….I’ma need you to make some more of that, stat!). She also gifted me with a huge bottle of well steeped Frenilla, some Banana Puddin, and my beloved PBC. But that’s not all she had for me…..

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A combination of a discussion about mech mods (and how they intimidated me) and a comment I made about loving this particular piece that Dready had done led to our NT angel obtaining this mod for me. I was not expecting that AT ALL and am just blown away by peng’s kindness. I WILL repay her someday, even if it’s by being a vape angel to someone else as she’s been to me. 😀 She even set me up with extra cotton and wire so I can make some coils, along with instructions on how many wraps to do. Suddenly, I’m not quite so intimidated!

Thank you again, penguiness. You are the epitome of what the meaning of this family is.

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Newbie coil ohm problems

I started about a month ago, and the failure rate is astronomical, and some how seems to be getting worse… I’ve been using single coils this whole time and the ohms seem way too high. So today I did dual coil since I heared that it halfs the ohms. The problem is its still ridiculously high. Today the ohm reader says 270… ANY help would be appreciated… (I use 26ga kanthal and did a 4/3 wrap on 1/8 bit)

Vamo user, new and wants vapor and flavor

I want the biggest cloud but the best flavor
i have a vamo v5, I like flavors like banana pancake, strawberry shortcake and peach meltdown from mt baker and Zeus ejuice
i bought a sweet hyper tank and my piece is beautiful but with that tank the flavor just doesn’t hit me, though the vapor cloud is awesome

watts, volts, etc. is very confusing and all I wanna find is my ideal setting
so I have a few questions

1. i hear that you don’t need to adjust both watts then volts because the volts change when you change the watts
is that correct?

2. when the resistance is high, 2.5 and up, does it require more power or less for flavor?

3. With thicker fluids, should power or volts be higher for more flavor?

4. Does adjustable air flow help or hurt flavor and which is best?

5. Does dual core have to do with how many wicks your cartomizer has?

6. Does anyone else have the same preferences, mod and tank, or similar interests that can help?

thanks that is all

New to Forums – REO question

Greetings all – new to forums so have to start here for a post. My apologies as this should be posted on the REOs forum, but will give it a shot. I am new to rebuildable and just received the REOs reomizer 3 single coil RBA. Am having trouble finding info on what the coil should look like – where it should sit etc. Am looking for some example of silica and cotton wick set ups along with the coil itself. Hope someone can point in in the right direction. If not i will move this to the REOs forum when I get enough posts. Thanks ahead.

Hello world

Hi there!

Thought i would start posting on this site after awhile of lurking and learning. I currently have moved on from my simple ego-t with a kanger 2 protank mini to my itaste mvp 2.0 which i am loving. I am just getting into whole e cig world and looking to learn more as i try more and more liquids.