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Survey Shows Adults Who Use ECigarettes To Quit Smoking Prefer Supposedly
At a Senate hearing last month, Jay Rockefeller noted that electronic cigarette fluid is available in a wide variety of flavors—conclusive evidence, to his mind, that e-cigarette companies want to hook children on nicotine. … are now available and …
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Pen goin out, not gonna last much longer lookin for used MVP V2

Hi all, as many of you know i lost my job suddenly and am looking for a new one,m had an interview yesterday, and recieved a call to schedule a 2nd so hopefully it ownt be long. Somehow though i dont think my pen is gonna make it that long.

Does anyone out therehave an MVP V2 they could sell real cheap? or just wna get rid of? (i say MVP v2 cuz im told its beginner friendl;y and i no nothing about these box mods). If you have anything else you dont need though offer it up and let me klnow how much…Im in DESPERATE need, but have VERY limited funds.

Thanks all. I know there are generous people on here, I have ment many, i dont expect a hand out, but i cant afford much…so just let me know what and how much. and if its something u think i can work.

What do i need to rebuild Evod ego

Hey, im looking into rebuilding my coils as it looks like it will be a bit cheaper,
What do i need? i know its wire, and some wick, but i dont know what thinkness or anything i had a look around and theres alot to choose from any chance you guys can drop me a link of a site that sells what i need ( im from the UK )

Thank you very much.

Fogger V5 not going as planned

Just got a new Fogger V5, my first buildable just coming off a Aerotank. Built it dual coil, 1.0 ohm with 28 AWG Kanthal. Tried varying my mod. I’m not getting much vapor (using 50/50 juice) and this thing is killing my throat. Can barely haul it back into my lungs, just hot an harsh. Tried a few different wicks and coils. Not sure what I’m doing wrong or if this is normal.