NT not feeding well in kayfun

Looking for some feedback on an issue I am having.

Last Wednesday I made a new coil for my kayfun lite, and it vaped great for a couple tanks.

I’ve changed the cotton out three times since those great tanks, and now I’m getting very light vapor and a slight burning sensation/taste on a long pull.

Never had this problem before, especially after changing cotton out twice.

So I am wondering, is it the coil, or the cotton? Too much? Too little? D:

Need my NT to be vaped at optimum tasteness, so I need to figure this out.

Dropped my pv

I have a Nautilus on top. It fell close to 5 feet today and the Nautilus base partially separated. I was able to push it back together, but now I taste metal with every puff. Any suggestions? It’s almost completely full of Five Pawns and I’d rather not waste it,,, but I don’t want to endanger myself either.

soliciting help of any kind, including but not limited to advice, sympathetic phone calls and 1 800 Flowers deliveries.

SLIGHT PROBLEM HERE. My regulated VV/VW device (15 watt e-lvt) won’t stop firing when switched "on".

I’m trying to remain calm, this is the only mod i have with any kind of power. I have contacted the vendor it was bought from, from whom i supposedly/possibly/maybe? have insurance. I will begin googling extensively after I make this post, but here is the issue:

When the power is switched on, the thing fires continuously until it is switched completely off. That is to say, it does the thing that normally I would have to press the fire button to make it do, automatically and endlessly when it is turned on. This started suddenly tonight–luckily while i was vaping so I noticed it right away. I have not done anything different to it recently. Haven’t even opened the battery case since I put the battery in in July when I got the device, since I charge it via usb inside the unit.

My next plan is to open it up and look at the battery… maybe there is some corrosion or something in there I can clean off. Although for a device that is advertised as being so rough and ready, this one has been babied from the day I got it. The closest it has ever come to liquid is lying next to my coffee cup. It’s not esp. humid where I am. The climate is "semi-arid", in fact.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Interesting conversation at my local vape shop

Was in my local vape shop today picking up some juice, have not gotten a chance to order all my <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/DIY-eliquid_c_42.html”>diy stuff yet. So I mentioned that I was planning on making my own juice soon and was rather surprised when the girl that I have hung out and gotten a lot of tips on building coils and what not kind of went off the handle. She started lecturing me on how she has an associates degree in chemistry and if you make your juice in anything other than a clean room all of the particles in the air will get into your juice and inhaling it could be extremely dangerous, and a host of other issues. Now I can understand a customer making their own juice loses income for them but I was rather amused by her reasoning. The particles in the air (that you are breathing while making your liquid) are going to get in the juice and destroy your lungs. So question would be, do any of the however many <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/DIY-eliquid_c_42.html”>diy juice people on here actually make their juice in a clean room, or ever worry about this? Or am I about on track with the, they don’t want to lose juice sales thoughts?

Can I get some insight on the Cloudpor T5?

I found a really great deal on a Cloudpor T5 that I’m thinking about buying tomorrow, but of all the research I keep doing online, I’m finding some seriously conflicting information. So I have a few questions I hope to get cleared up.

First off, I read that this mod doesn’t allow pass through charging, which may be kind of a deal breaker for me. Is this true? Some websites are telling me that you can puff while it’s plugged in, it just stops charging while you press the firing button, which isn’t a big deal, but some are telling me that the buttons are locked out as long as the mod is plugged in.

Secondly, I read that the mod takes 1 18650 battery, but some people are saying that you can use a 26650 battery. Is this true? Without damaging the mod?

Vaping to much – Insomnia

Hi! I finally quit cigarettes after 25 years and have been on e-cigs for about six weeks. I started at 22 mg, then went down to 18, and now I’m at 12. I went down on my nicotine because I am having severe sleeping problems. Also, I am allergic to PG, it causes severe coughing and seems to worsen my insomnia. I’ve tried melatonin, herbal remedies and sleeping pills, none of which work. My question is, how do I solve my insomnia problems, besides vaping zero nicotine three hours before I go to bed. I also am wondering if I am vaping too much? I vape different juices all the time so it’s hard to tell exactly how much I vape in a day, however, I would say roughly 5 full Kanger Mini Pro-Tanks. Does anyone think this is too much? As I can only vape 100% VG, I have a powerful battery that is set at 4.0 – 4.5. Can someone please give me some helpful suggestions? Thank you! Sleepless in Michigan! 😞😴

معمل تحاليل

صوره للمطبخ عندي بقي معمل تحاليل مش مطبخ

وجاري عمل جميع الابحاث واستخلاص القدر الممكن من النكهات :laugh:

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