How to choose the best e-cig

If you’ve never looked into electronic cigarettes before, you may not have realized how big of an industry it is. More and more companies are noticing the ever growing popularity of e-cigs and every day more and more products are popping up. With all of the different brands and types of e-cigarettes in the market, it may seem a bit difficult choosing the best one. If, you want to make sure that you make a good purchase and I may surely help you with the same. I am going to go over some of the things you should look for when you’re making your first e-cigarette purchase.

Electronic cigarettes are a much safer alternative to regular cigarettes, because they cut out the harmful properties. While you’ll still get the satisfaction of having nicotine, you won’t have all of the nasty additives that are in typical tobacco products. A lot of people are fond of e-cigs because of the ability to change the amount of nicotine that is distributed when you smoke. This can be a very effective way to cut back or quit smoking all together.

Before you make your e cigarette purchase, you would need to make sure of a few things like, what kind of a battery it takes and also make sure that it comes with a wall charger as well as a USB cable charger. So that in this way you will be able to charge your electronic cigarette in almost any situation. You should also find for a product that has a long lasting nicotine cartridge. Since you’ll have to occasionally change out the cartridge, but you want to make sure that you get the most life out of it. You should read up on some customer reviews before you make the jump. See what people are saying about the product and whether or not they’re happy with it.

There are a multitude of reasons why one would make the switch from typical tobacco products to electronic cigarettes. It’s better for your health, it doesn’t smell bad, you can smoke it virtually anywhere and it won’t turn your teeth yellow. With all of these advantages on the table, it’s easy to say that e-cigs are a great alternative, but you want to make sure that you’re getting a good product. If you follow the tips above, you shouldn’t have any issues finding a new electronic cigarette.

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Battery life of the 2.1 vs grand

I’m debating whether to purchase a mini or sl grand. I have a grand but I would like something lighter. The battery life is what I’m concerned about. I vape a 1.6 ohm coil. I would need the battery to get me through work which is probably equivalent to 2 hours of vape time. Would the mini 18490 battery cover that amount of vaping time with sufficient power or should I get the sl grand? Is the sl grand much heavier than the mini? I’m not crazy about the look of the sl versions so I guess I’m leaning towards the mini. Any help would be appreciated. I’m not good making decisions. Always indecisive.

Is glycerine usp from shoppers safe?

I bought this life brand glycerine usp at shoppers drug mart just a while ago. Based on what i read on this forum, they safe its safe but that was years ago. I just want to confirm if it is really really safe. What i’m gonna do is mix it with my 18 mg e-juice to lessen the nicotine content. Any ideas about the dilution? I have a 15ml bottle. Thanks for the answers!

Favorite bottle?

I know it seems like a small thing (pun not intended?) but the bottle seems to get overlooked sometimes. You have your glass, you have plastic, big round bottles, small odd shaped bottles, and everything in between. juice delivery, in my opinion, is a big deal. I tend to vape when I drive, and am not really a fan of tanks, so I drip. If a bottle isn’t easy to drip from, it can get hairy real fast. So, my favorite bottle to date is Mr. E-liquids new pyramid shaped bottles. Easy to squeeze with your hand, flows nicely, and a little bit of pressure brings out some juice. Now, I did just watch a video where a guy used a pen looking bottle with a needle style tip, and that looked awesome and easy to use. Traditionally, if something comes in a big round, big tip bottle, it gets transferred to my MEL bottles. So, my question to y’all is, what’s your favorite bottle? How do you store/use your juice? And can someone please tell me the bottle he used!

Temperature Rating

So the DNA 40 with temperature limiting was officially released this week. In Bursardo’s interview with Evolv it was touched on that juice makers could publish recommended temperature levels for their juice. I was immediately very curious if this was on the roadmap for NT. I know you’re all dripper’s anonymous over there in Omaha, but is this something you are considering?

Tobacco Absolute bottle says artificial coloring and flavoring???

Hi I just wanted to know what it means when Tobacco Absolute thats supposed to be mix 50% with pure grain alcohol has the words printed on the bottle.

Contains Artificial Coloring and Flavoring.

Isn’t Tobacco Absolute a real product?

Or is the label printed and put on the bottle some standard generic label for flavoring?

Just wondering I notice the words on the side of the Neutral Dirty Base are the same exact words as well.

I notice the TA also has a batch number on it that the NDB bottle doesnt have.