FirstUnion Launches the World’s First Long-lasting Disposable E-cigarette

V2 Cigs Disposable e-cigarettes
disposable e cigarette

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V2 Cigs disposable e-cigs, in large retail packaging. Each disposable comes in a plastic case and performs about 400 puffs, or until the battery dies.

FirstUnion Launches the World's First Long-lasting Disposable e-cigarette
SHENZHEN, China, July 14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Disposable e-cigarettes, which look, feel and taste like conventional cigarettes, have become the first choiceof entry-level e-cigarette users. They are now quite popular for their easy operation, high …
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As ECig sales Slide for First Time, Tobacco Pins Hopes on Marketing
The newly merged company would be left to rely on Vuse, an e-cig line created by Reynolds that's only now being widely distributed. After betting on sleek disposable electronic cigarettes, the industry is also grappling with rising competition from …

An Explosion of Flavors Draws in smokers
The e-cigarette market is rapidly shifting, and flavors are central to that. Viking Vapors, one of hundreds of websites selling e-cigarettes, offers 13 pages of alphabetized flavors, from Apple to Watermelon Menthol. But the market for disposable e …
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Electronic Cigarettes Can Help You Quit Smoking

Are you looking for an electronic cigarette in Australia yet? Recent studies suggest that electronic cigarettes can help people quit their nicotine habit. In fact, if you want to quit, e-cigarettes may work even better than nicotine patches, gum and plain willpower. You’re 60% more like to succeed if you use them. Smoking is a very difficult habit to beat, but this is definitely one strong step in the right direction.

This is how smokeless cigarettes make quitting that much easier: while they contain nicotine, they don’t have any tobacco smoke. What this means for you is that your cravings won’t be as severe, and withdrawal will be correspondingly less painful. From a health point of view, tests for toxicity seem to indicate that using e-cigarettes involves lower risks than regular ones. By any standards, then, they are definitely an improvement.

Lets try this? Is it better to sell chips on the classified or full mods?

I have a certain chip and cradle that i am thinking of selling (i wont mention which so i dont get modded again) so i can switch to a dna 40. Would it be better to sell the certain used chip or would it be better to build it into a mod and try and sell the full package?

Please no requests on what i am trying to sell because if i give that to you i think id be breaking the rules.

Amazing Changes

I wrote this last week (10/14), but just got around to finally posting it…


I’ve been a smoker since about 1990… That all changed this week, and boy can I tell the difference that vaping is making on my life.

For the past decade I have made half-hearted attempts to quit hammering coffin nails. Within the past 3-4 years I tried a few methods, but my self-control just couldn’t overcome the addiction. Medications could get me halfway there, but I couldn’t deal with side-effects.

I had tried cig-a-like’s in the past, but of course it wasn’t working… the crap flavor in my mouth along with the similar cost put an analog right back in my hand.

To keep a long story somewhat short(I’ve got to get some work done)… This week I decided to check out a B&M and see what has changed from the cig-a-like situation and get more info. There are 2 B&M’s near me, which I live almost right between. I went to the first and ended up with an e-cheapo "pen" kit and a flavor sampler. I’ll just say that from that visit and another stop by yesterday… I don’t think I’ll ever go back there again. I’ll try to explain why a bit later.

The second store… They are AWESOME. I told them my story, somewhat related my "personality" to them, etc.
I also explained how the pen just wasn’t "doing it for me", and also my displeasure with the "analog flavored" juice that the other place "let me leave with". I had learned from this site the benefit of flavors which makes sense to be as a way to break the habit. Along with the first B&M just trying to sell me something without learning anything… I left with "my brand" of analog flavoring. I have to thank my curiosity for making me grab a flavor sampler that was laying near their "ipad checkout" (hint for future rant about them).

Anyway, back the "good" B&M. They took time explaining EVERYTHING. We talked and there was some QnA about various things. Basically I put the pencil vape in my shirt pocket while doing things outside or driving down the road. But the biggest obstacles were what everyone deals with: MORNINGS. Along with the "I’m in the zone coding (or insert other task where you chain-smoke analogs). I kept seeing my weakness.

I ended up leaving with a GREAT understanding of how this was going to change my life for the better. Not to mention the big change in dealing with my nicotine dependence. I also left with a Mech mod dripping 6mg Candy Watermelon.

Let a day go by and a day spent on ……………../Google/YouTube…. And I was on my way back. The reality of needing a backup to make sure I didn’t fall backwards into buying analogs in a moment of weakness had hit me, along with the need for rebuild supplies… AND MORE FLAVOR!

Last week I wrapped my own coils. I have alot to learn, but the morning was easier to overcome with a decent flavor, a little more patience, and 6mg dripped (100% VG) (instead of the pen 12% 50/50). And did I say it’s more fun?
Yay… Indoor clouds are pretty!

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Great key lime juice…

…from Dreamevapor (Dream e vapor). I don’t see much of them in the public eye and don’t know about any other flavors from them, but their Key Lime is really good. Great throat hit at 12 mgs of nic. Good price as well – starts at around $4 for a 10 ml bottle.