vaping dead

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What were you vaping during the walking dead?
.8 ohm 24 g coil with cotton bacon
King Kong .6 mg (chocolate banana)
Vulcan w/ chuff cap:vapor:
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BIG Clearomizer and Shipping Sale!

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Josh and Jess

10/12- 10/19 Ginger’s Running Give-A-Way!

The Vapor Room

Ginger’s USA Blends Give-A-Way 10/12-10/19

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Josh and Jess

eGo C Twist Not Working

Hey guys, so I usually leave my ego c twist on my bed next to me when I go to bed. I have a full size bed, so it’s not like I am going to crush it. However, the other night my 90 pound dog laid on it during the night and when I woke up it looked like it was broken. I’ve seen this before with different cheap batteries, however this was a legitimate ego battery. The metal ring where the battery tube connects to the part where the button and threading are attached came apart. When I looked at it, all of the wires were in tact, and everything seemed to be in order. The light still works when I hit the button, but when I attach my clearomizer, nothing happens. When this happened to previous batteries, the wires were severed, and the light on the button didn’t work. I’m wondering if this can be fixed because I paid good money for this legit variable voltage battery. Thanks for any help!

did some modding today…

just thought I would share….

I bought a repair kit and installed it on my copper vein about a week ago. the difference is outstanding! Unfortunately, I have blown my vape budget buying new attys so I decided to go old school and make some new brass firing pins for my other 2 grands. They are hitting much harder now!

may do the fuse mod next to lower the v drop even more. That may take a little time, since I would rsther build and install a fuse block and small fuses in favor of just bending the legs on a standard fuse. Looks cleaner to me.

thanks for listening!
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Good Quality E Juice Liquid

The main component of smokeless cigarettes is the E juice liquid. The reason why this is so, is because from the E juice liquid you will have everything added to it. The E juice liquid is a solution which contains various ingredients which include nicotine and various substances. When looking for a good quality E juice liquid there are certain things one has to look for when looking through a number of E Cig starter kit. The most important ingredient of the E juice liquid is the flavor used. As you smoke your electronic smokeless cigarettes one of the first things to be experienced is the taste through the taste of the E juice liquid. This is what will determine whether or not the person gets a fulfilling and rich experience.

As previously stated the flavor of an E juice liquid is very important for any smoker when it comes to their taste experience and the hit they desire to get. Some of the flavors that come with an E cig starter kit include menthol or tobacco to mention just but a few. This is usually mixed in the E juice liquid solution of smokeless cigarettes. There are numerous other types of flavors of smokeless cigarettes which include the flavors of sweets as well as fruits and in some case you will also come across flavors of your favorite foods.

It is important to select E juice liquid which contains ingredients that are approved by the FDA. These can either be organic or artificial flavors. A high quality E cig starter kit should consist of an E juice liquid which has a flavor that is not too strong as it can even cause the smoker to chock on the vapor due to the fact that it may be too intense. As you soon realize when smoking smokeless cigarettes with poor quality E juice liquid will always leave a terrible after taste. In order to avoid such not so pleasing experiences you should carefully select your E cig starter kit.

It also been noted that the more vapor you get while smoking your smokeless cigarettes will give you a more pleasing and rich experience. A good quality E juice liquid will also be determined by the quality control. This usually deals with the manufacturer following the set rules and guidelines when it comes to the preparation process. Before you purchase an E cig starter kit make sure you carefully research on it.

To buy an <a target="_blank" href=",,%20an%20online%20%3Ca%20%20data-cke-saved-href=” http:=””>smokeless cigarettes store that carries some of the best e-cigarette products. You can begin shopping as a beginner and get a kit, and then return and buy <a target="_blank" href="”>e juice liquid once you’re a novice! Right now you can get two free bottles of e-juice with qualifying purchases! Top 10 e-cig brands reviewed by Review and buy the best e-cig juice, e-liquid and e-cig accessories from blu cigs, v…

Related <a target="_blank" href="”>E Cig juice Reviews Articles

Brief reviews of some popular Electronic Cigarette brands

In this article I have only outlined a few of the best electronic cigarette brands that seem to have a high rating among the consumers, there are many other brands of electronic cigarettes that are available and may offer features that suit your preferences, all you have to do is a bit of research and you will get the brand that fits your lifestyle.

1. The V2 Cigs

This is a brand that is fast gaining popularity in the electronic cigarettes market. After some consumers had been interviewed about the product, most replies indicated that this brand offer one of the best experiences. 

Some of the merits linked to this brand include; 

It comes in multiple colored tips which helps you to identify the flavor immediately

It includes a travel case which is convenient for people who are always on the go.

There are affordable starter kits for especially good for people who want to give them a try before making the final decision.

2. The Green smoke electronic cigarette

This brand has dominated as the consumer’s choice for 2 years as the best electronic cigarette brand. This brand has been around for a longer period than the V2 Cigs making it a trusted brand among the consumers.

Some notable accomplishments and features linked to Green Smok

 Users say that replacement of cartridges in this brand is easy and simple.

 The first Electronic cigarette that had a two part design was offered by Green smoke.

 There customer service is of high quality and carries the reputation of being the best among other competitors.

3. Blu Cigs

Their packaging and simplicity are some of the notable features that are attracting the attention of many consumers. The Blu Cigs brand has recently done an upgrade in the technology incorporated in their electronic cigarettes while at the same time offering consumers products that are value for their money.  

Essentials that are normally included in their elegantly packaged product include;

A cigarette pack that has five cartridges.

Two atomizers.

Two batteries.

It also has two charging options for the consumer; one is the wall plug option while the other is the USB option.

4. The Premium Electronic Cigarettes

One thing I noted about this brand is that it has website that is e-commerce friendly that you hardly get to see in other retailers dealing with electronic cigarettes.

The Premium Brand of electronic cigarettes usually gives a detailed explanation of how the process of using electronic cigarette works; this is especially helpful to consumers who are using the devices for the first time. They also provide the public with information on the various developments and innovations incorporated in their devices through their website. The consumer is also enlightened on the cost effectives of using electronic cigarettes in comparison to traditional cigarettes.

5. The Safe Cig

This brand of electronic cigarettes does not mainly concentrate on creating a variety of flavors in their products but rather in providing the user with an authentic and complete experience that the traditional cigarette would deliver. I have to admit they have really done a good job with their electronic cigarette brand which has resulted to an increase of popularity among the consumers.

Electronic Cigarettes have gained much popularity very quickly. There are many brands of electronic cigarettes are available but according to many e cigarette reviews Blu cigs and green smoke electronic cigarettes are considered to be best electronic cigarette brands.