E cigarette Starter Kit: Smoke free kit

Some have a passion for bikes, others like playing football or climbing for that matter etc. Taking e- cigarette is nothing more satisfying than relaxing on the top of a cliff after a long and rugged climb and then calming with a smooth, rich cigarette while marveling at the wonders of nature. The electronic cigarette is a device which vaporizes a liquid nicotine solution without the tar, tobacco and toxins of regular cigarettes. The e- cigarette comes in very good and stylish kits which have many colors, you can choose accordingly.

E -cigarette starter kit includes:

• 2 batteries – 1 automatic and 1 manual • 10 cartridges • USB Charger • A/C wall adapter • User Manual

If you are smoking electronic cigarettes for the first time and just want to get your feet wet without making too much of investment it will hardly cost $ 64 according to the brand that you opt for. For those fond of smoking this is not an issue. The e–cig kit that educates the user on how to derive optimum from this modern age device can easily be purchased from the online stores.

There are several monetary benefits in using an e cigarette. The simple fact is that it is vastly less expensive than a year’s supply of traditional tar-filled cigarettes moreover many health problems associated with traditional smoking may pass by the wayside with the use of the e cigarette.

e-cigarette can be operated without any fire or flame .Smoking of e- cig eliminates the need to have ashtray all over the house as it does not need any matchsticks to burn it.

Another important feature of e-cig is that it contains the higher vapor volume that helps the smoker to feel fresh. Higher vapor volume means that it feels more like smoke rather than thin vapor going in your lungs. A good c-cig contains a higher amount of vapor volume and if you intend to buy one this standard should be taken into consideration. E cigs are offered with warranty that ensures replacement and repair as well. Smoking e-cigs will help you to do away with the social stigma associated with smoking. If you really are a fan of smoking and love your life then you must opt for e-cig!

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Evod or evod v2?

Been into vaping for a while, and I’m just looking for a little setup I can toss in my car or bag when traveling. I’ve always loved the evods, but recently saw the evod v2. Just looking for some good flavor off these and I wonder if anyone could compare the b2 to the original? Thanks!


New to Forum

Hello Everyone,

Im new to the forum. Just got into vaping a little bit ago. I’m currently using a Manhattan (Authentic) mod with a TOBH atomizer. Been experimenting with other builds lately. I have a FUhattan mod coming the mail. I have tried both and currently like the FUhattan more then the Manhattan. Hopefully i get good information and feedback from the forum. Looking more into creative mod builds and coil builds. It’s a fun hobby and it’s been keeping me off the ciggs.


ReoVille is here. Reonaut hat is on

Well. I have quite a few provaris. And have been running them since I started vaping I kept noticing how many people talked about the pleasures of Reo mods.
So I started dripping. A bit more. And a bit more. Then I wanted to drip on the go. But don’t have time for the hassle. So I turned to Reo.

Can’t be as good as they say? Well. I think everyone knows the answer to that.

So I got the SOV 5k with bottom feeder kit. Basically it is made for flavor junkies. Which I am. I built out at .8 ohms. And got my first Reo With upgraded connections. And a few spare bottle. And a button top by Fred

Was I ready for this. Not quite. Cause now. I don’t even want to look at any other mod I own. Wow. So the hype was true.

What’s next? Another Reo. What else. Wanna see what I got. ? Here is a quickie

Reo grande. SOV 5k. Mountainartmolehill drip tip. = winning combination.

Thank you Sirius And proud to be here

Have I broken a record for having the longest lasting cotton wick?

I just realized that I’ve been vaping on the same coil and cotton wick in my Kayfun Lite Plus for over a month. Any juice I put in it instantly taste like it should and it’s still hitting just as hard as it would on a brand new coil.

In fact, it’s hitting so hard and tasting so good that I’m almost afraid to take it apart to put in a new coil or new cotton. This has baffled me, because I’m so used to changing out my cotton every 2 to 3 days and making a new coil at least once a week. For some reason the coil and cotton I have now seems like it has lasted forever.

I’m going to keep vaping on it until I finally get a nasty taste. But that could could be another month from now. This is crazy. I never had a cotton wick to last this long.