Hey all! Plus issue!

So I kinda signed up to get to the point. Got a Sigelei 30w, unknowing that the tops were a bit iffy. It popped off, and now my screen is broke. I’m looking at a .66" 64×48 Serial/SPI 28pin screen but am unsure if it would work. Would like to either find the pin out of the screen or be given a proper part and a place to order.

I know this should be in another forum but there’s that post issue and the device is fairly young (3 days old when it broke). My last e-cig mod crapped out, *lavatube 2.5", and I didn’t really want it replaced anyways….

The button broke too as well as the top cap got scratched from me trying to push it in quick on the sidewalk. Fixed the button though! =P

Personally I don’t care about the asthetics too much (nothing 1k grit sand paper can’t fix!). I’m just trying to get it fully functional again.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hardware advice (Box Mods) & Introduction!


I started vaping nearly 2 years ago, started about a month before my daughter was born because I didn’t want to stink around her. I was about a pack a day. At the time vaping was pretty much unheard of here and I found some info on the net, looked up my town.. no vape stores, but their was a lady selling starter kits out of her house! Took a leap of faith and have never looked back. Since then vaping has really grown here.

I started with 24mg and was vaping it for about 18 months & starter kit, it was only recently I decided to lower it because I love vaping & wanted to do more of it and learn more.. so as I was vaping more I didnt need as much nic. I’m now down to 3mg nic and will probably stay there.

Anyways I currently as of a month ago got in to rebuilds and purchased myself a Clone Hana mod 20 (DNA20?) and a Kayfun.. loving it.. but now I want to chase those clouds! and get in to dripping.

I don’t want to go the Mech mod route, I’m looking for a Box mod that can achieve 50 watts (Really like the IPV2) None of my local shops carry Box mods, and when they get some in only 1-2 and are gone instantly. With a new baby wife pregnate again I don’t have a lot of cash on me! Cheapest I could find online for IPV2 was $120 before shipping, there was a few other sides 10-15$ cheaper but seemed shaddy. I’m hoping somebody can point me in the direction where I could either find a great deal on a IPV2 or something similar that would suite my need to get in to dripping!

Thanks a million & glad to be a member!

Please help! (battery question)

So I’m just about to place an order for the Cloupor DNA 30 box mod (clone), I’ve heard really good things about it. I’m lost as to what battery I should be buying. It’s a regulated devices which will fire down to .3 ohms, I’ll likely go no lower than .4 ohms. Since it’s a regulated device, does it matter whether or not the battery is protected? I’ve done some research but I keep getting different answers. I’m ordering it from Canvape, they have lots of Efest batteries which again, I getting mixed reviews on…The mAh isn’t super important to me, although the longer battery life the better.

Basically I just need a flat top 18650 battery that I can use without fear of doing something wrong… I’m rather paranoid when it comes to this stuff…Any help would be appreciated!


1st 3 10 ml ever

So I made the first 3 10 ml bottles ever for me woot
Strawberries and cream
Grape candy

Made them all with 15% flavor at a 40/60 pg/vg ratio 0 nic
Single flavors
Only mistake I kinda made was mixing the pg and vg up in about 25.5 ml then putting that into the 10 ml bottles so my 40/60 won’t be very accurate ( lesson learned )
Any who tomorrow ill list up the the 20 something flavors I got and see what some of ya throw at me to try

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4th build – parallel duals

Built my first coil a couple of weeks ago, a simple 1.2ohm 26ga micro for my Eleaf Lemo. Second and third builds were simple dual micros in my Mutation X (.6) and Infinite CLT (.3).

Decided to build another of my Lemos at work today (don’t tell my boss!). Figured I’d try a parallel dual and lucked into success on the first attempt. 26ga, 1/8" ID, .7 ohms. It eats some juice at 26W on my DNA30 box. Not a show pony but it works very well.

Pretty sure I’ve got the coil building bug now. I broke a coil lead in my Mutation X tonight trying to center up the coils a little. So, tomorrow night I think I’ll try centered dual twisteds in the Mutation.

Today’s parallel build:

Smok E-Mountain Vanilla Mod (Copper)

Hello Everyone,

I picked up yesterday my very fist Mech mod, with a Tobh Atty all in Copper.

The Vanilla mod is amazing and that thing hits like a champ. I picked up this mod in my local vape store here in Coral Springs, Florida for $100 (yeah I know right).

The Atty on the other hand was a little expensive as I paid $35 for it.

The cons of this talked about Mech mod is that the Secure switch is a little flimsy and gets stuck a little, I have heard that the copper is that way. I also have found that a lot of dirt forms up around the posts which you have to clean a lot.

Pros, well the mod looks amazing and for the price I picked it up I cannot complain at all. It will patina a bit and I sure hope it does as I like the looks if it does. Right now it looks real new and shine.

I run this setup on a dual coil with 26 gage Kanthal (micro coil) at 0.45 Ohms. The Vapor is huge and the favor is real nice. Hot nice vape with no additional holes drilled. The Atty comes with its factory holes.

Now my question to this post, would you go higher Ohm to get it a little colder or drill bigger holes? In my opinion the vape is slightly hot when you take a couple of wapes, I guess coming from a Provari Mini with a Kayfun 3.1 setup (running at 1.4 Ohms single coil).

Ideas feedback, and other input is welcomed…. also if anybody else has this mod what are your thoughts.

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