Best smaller or compact e-cigarette (combination system) for public and non-public use

Everyone on this forum is so awesome. i have had excellent recommendations on another post and suggestions but am still unsure what to buy to get started.

I want to just buy one kit and be done with it, but it has to be smaller than these huge ones and i also dont like the square ones either. however the cig look a likes also seem to not have "enough". i dont want to be unsatisfied and need to upgrade to a better unit.

what i have been recommended for a good (one purchase only) ecigarette is:

provari w mini nautilus or just provari (have decided against this due to its bulkiness and price – since i need to buy all now for a 6 month supply)
i taste vv v3 with mini protank 2
i taste vv v3 with express kit
mini nautilus & itaste mvp
mvp2.0 & mini kangen aero tank
aspire mini nautilus with express kit
aspire nautilus with BVC coils
Eleaf I stick with ego 510 adapter
Vision spinner 2
Provape provari
Aspire K1 clearomizer

which from all of these would be the smallest/sleekest/? the ones i youtubed seemed pretty big, but the i taste vv3 seemed a bit narrower. really not sure as to which from all of these would be smallest.

I like:

adjustable voltage etc
good battery life (however, perhaps i could get a good/small tank and just get smaller batteries and more of them. (if this would keep the unit size down)
good or double coils
smallest size possible for a good unit (big huge deep long puffs – i dont think – is the number one importance, i want to quit smoking)
elegant look (or as elegant as possible)
something where i can use any and all juices in it and they taste good
reasonable price, but can be on the mid or a little higher range

i dont like:

really small life battery or juice life
a big unit
something totally expensive unless its smaller and has good battery, parts, and longevity factor and life
something cheapo chinese that could break at anytime, however, if cheap enough will just buy more of these necessary parts.

i travel winters in third world countries (including countries where a woman should NOT smoke in public) and anyhow i just dont want to lug some biggest and bestest e-cigarette kit around.

Could i buy a good tank thats on hte mini or smaller size and just get various sizes of batteries and whatever else i need and have a combined system or two or three of them for:

one easy to be used in public
one so so in public
one nice good one for private use

without of course buying three seperate whole kits…?

seems that both main parts of ecigarettes can fit each other or are interchangeable with other parts. could there be some sweeet combination i could get/create?. i want to love smoking my ecigarette, i mean LOVE it…because where cigs cost $1 a pack it could become tempting if my unit isnt satisfying me. also i am a pack a day smoker for 30+ years.

trouble switching from analogs to e-cig

I’ve seen this topic discussed on this forum before – trouble switching from analogs to e-cigs. Glad to know that others are struggling with this as well and found the feedback helpful. Have also heard that people who get on-line support have a better chance of quitting than those that don’t so decided to sign up. I find myself reaching for a ‘real cigarette’ rather than an e-cig even though the e-cig will satisfy my craving for nicotine. I tell myself that I won’t feel any better after an analog than the e-cig but I have a strong psychological addiction. There are times I’m highly motivated and want to make the switch but I generally end up backsliding. I’m wondering if I got support and was a position to support others, that it might strengthen my resolve. Wondering if others are having a hard time staying committed to switching.

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Could this make a good Cloud Chaser?

Hello everyone!

I’m a new member here. I’m pretty new to e-cigarettes and I don’t do it to stop using cigarettes. I don’t smoke. I just love the taste and the vapor. It’s also helpful on a strict diet.

So I have a question:
<a href="” title=”Name: Vainsähköröökijutut.jpg
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does this make a good cloud chaser? This would be my first mod. I’ve only used those ego starting kits before, so tell me if something is wrong with my plan or if it is missing something.

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Has anyone tried NickoTicket E juices… Tempted to buy a 30 ml of
Custers Last Stand
Possibly Bettlejeuse…
Anyone that’s tried their juices please chime in since they’re roughly the same as Viper vape per 30ml… It seems like their quality control is like VVs also. Has anyone tried the Gravity Strawnilla and Bettlejeuse and are the fruit flavors strong and un muted… thanks for any info…

Unflavored juice questions…

I know there are a lot of folks here who vape unflavored nic… I’m getting ready to buy some to try out, but have a couple of questions… I currently vape 50/50 12mg juices… Have you found that you use the same blends in unflavored nic as with "normal" juices, or that the blend has changed more towards pg or vg with unflavored? Same question for the strength… Have you found the need to raise or lower the mg with unflavored nic as opposed to what you would use in "normal" juices? Going to order some samples like asap, but would like an idea of what to order in case it’s not the same as what I’m using now… Any info or opinions are appreciated… Thanks, in advance!

Sidenote: Thinking about tossing some Koolada in there, as well… Anyone else use unflavored with Koolada in it?

X2 clearomizer help…please!

I’m trying to find a suitable replacement for the clearomizers for the Volt X2 batteries. They are always out of stock and I have 2 left. I just bought 4 new batteries and can’t find any clearomizers! I don’t understand ohm’s, don’t want to fiddle with adapters or buy new batteries or spend money on something that "might" work on an X2. I just want something that works with the X2’s. I’m very frustrated at this point. I haven’t had a cigarette in 3 years but it was a lot less complicated when I smoked! I would appreciate any suggestions.
Thanks 😥

Just ordered my first authentic Mech mod

So I just ordered my first authentic mech mid. I got a GP Paps X SS it’s not the v1.5 with the different tubes it’s just the 18650 version. I ordered it with the polished rings. I am extremely excited. My 6 month cigarette free mark was 21 days ago and this is my gift to myself a little late I know.

One question I do have is I know it comes with the standard brass gpin but I see the lux gpin is about $27 more by itself is the lux gpin that is silver plated brass worth the extra cost?

Cheapest juice for the price?

Visit Mt. Baker Vapor for the best quality juice for the price. 15ml from 4.99-10.99! 30 ml for 2.50 more. If you spend more than 15 bucks they send you a free sample…I ordered from them once and they sent me a free 15ml. I suggest you tell them what you want on the comments and they will send you whatever you requested. There is also a free shipping code on retail me not, but make sure you stay above $15 or you won’t qualify.

Note: I purchased 3 15ml juices with an extra shot on all of them and used the coupon and still qualified, so try them out and hope you guys like it:2cool:

Found a new hobby!

Rhode Island, USA checking in.

It’s a Saturday night, and I’m aware not too many people will read/reply to this, but I thought I’d create this post as a solid footing for my love of vaping, and the community surrounding it.

Long story short: I found the love of my life, and she wouldn’t kiss me after I’d smoked an analog. My best friend (2000 miles away in TX) introduced me to the vaping world, and I’ve taken all the small steps to get to where I am today – from my lil’ ego Twist w/ Kanger TS3, to my Vamo w/ Aspire Nautilus, and now, my gorgeous Stingray "X" Black w/ a flavor pumping Zenith V2.

I’ve also crossed a sea of juices, and am having a blast traversing everything from simple flavors, to novelty flavors, and to "premium" gourmet concoctions that one would assume to be found at some sort of mad-scientist’s 5-star tapas restaurant.

Pair all this up with the hobby factor, and I’ve found a new passion. I love working with my hands (I build sheds, furniture, fences, etc.) so building/perfecting coils came naturally to me. Unfortunately, with the hobby factor, I’ve found myself being drawn into the realm of collecting. With so many variations in different equipment, it’s tough to hold myself back from spending hours building an ideal vape station, and filling it with 100’s of dollars worth of juice, mods, atty‘s, etc. I think I might be in trouble. :huh:

All that said, I am keeping my cup empty, and allowing myself to learn and experience this realm the best that I can through this vaping community.