First week and breaking stuff…

Newbie here! So I’ve been at this since Monday and things have been going well, until tonight. I have a Halo Triton ordered and en route, but in the meantime I bought a unit from a local shop to get me started. I’m in Canada so I have no idea how long my Halo will take to arrive. Right now I’m using a Vision Spinner V.V. with a Kangertech Aerotank Mow with a dual coil unit….and basically have no idea what I’m doing with any of it. I’ve been experimenting with liquid flavours and couldn’t get a chocolate taste out so I took stuff apart and ran it through hot water, and dried it all. Put it back together and the chocolate taste was still there. The guy at the shop sold me a 5-pack of replacement coils but said they were out of the size that came with my unit and gave me 1.2’s instead. He said something about having to adjust the voltage but I honestly have no idea. He wasn’t big on explaining things very well. So I changed the coil for one of my new ones, put it back together and it wouldn’t work at all. Took it apart again and noticed oil all over everything. Scrapped that one, cleaned everything off, put another new coil in, made sure it was connected properly and tried again. This time it works but there’s a crackling sound and the metal dial part seems to get too hot. I’ve had the voltage set at 3.7 and haven’t messed with it because I don’t know what I’m doung, but I’m afraid I’m going to fry another coil.

I have half a carton of cigarettes in my pantry I haven’t touched all week and I don’t want to start now, but this has me frustrated, and I’ve read so much this week trying to learn everything, my head is spinning…. Lord help me.

Help a dork out? :tongue:

Virgin vapors cancelled order for ejuice to Canada. Has shipping to Can from US changed recently?

I would have posted this in Canada forum, but as a new member I can’t. Hence, this is my first post here. :tongue:
I’ve only ever ordered once from the US(, Zeus Ejuice) order came in fine. Now I ordered a small order from VV and Mt baker today, Vv got back to me and said they had to cancel my order and give me a refund because of Canada’s regulations. I guess I always thought it was an iffy thing to order, but was aloud in ways. I don’t know, I haven’t followed all that stuff, and when I google it, it’s just overwhelming amount of results for me.

So can anyone tell me if anything has changed with Canada’s regulations or customs in the last 2-3 months?

Also does Vv just care more about there reputation and customers, and don’t want to take the risk of me not getting my order, or are they just being extremely careful!?:huh:

Best site to buy hardware from??

Hi everyone, just a quick question. I’m looking to start buying atomizer heads for my iclear 30s tank and also looking to buy a new tank for my itaste VTR that will fit in the recessed cutout and I want to starting buy vape stuff online. I know where I like to get my juice from online but have no idea where the best place to buy hardware is. So what’s the best, most reputable, most cost friendly site I can buy LEGIT hardware from online? Preferably a site that is cheap but won’t sell me knockoffs of anything and that someone on here has previously dealt with. I just don’t wanna get ripped off. And ps anybody have an opinion on what’s the best tank for the itaste vtr that will fit in the recessed part? Thanks!!!

I have been reborn

I finally got on the RBA train with the smoktech rsst genesis this week and just love the thing. 30awg and 400 mesh wick. After the slight metal taste worked its way out of the wick I am just amazed at the flavor of my juice. Its never, ever tasted as good. I have used mini pro tank 3’s. evods and even a nautilus but this RSST is the best device I have vaped with.

Nice Level and Dripping

Recently my 7 month old son has been sick and I’ve not been sleeping much. I generally vape 100% VG at 3 mg nic, since I have been playing the no sleep game I have changed my liquid drastically. I’m now using 30 PG/70 VG at 12 mg nic. Just wondering if any others out there change their juice so drastically and what happens. I feel awake and alert, but kind of strung out as well. Just for complete info I use only mech mods and rda’s at this point (Stingray X clone w/ hybrid adapter and Omega v1 clone @ 0.31 ohm, and EHpro Sledgehammer w/ 28.5mm Stillaire clone @ 0.42 ohm).

Sorry if my post makes no sense, I’m quite sleep deprived as I stated earlier. :facepalm: My mother teaches business communication at the University of Michigan; she would be disappointed.

Thanks, and best wishes to all.

Edit: I mean "Nic Level and Dripping" in the title, sorry.

Quicksilver RDA by 2 Puffs – by: trlrtrash13

I just picked this one up from[URL="http://www.vapo​​ldable-Atomizer-by-2-Puffs-p/q​s0001.htm"] VaporDNA[/URL]. I got it to go with my Munstro by 2Puffs. It is pretty much designed to match the Munstro as it comes with SS, Brass, and Copper AFC sleeves. It is a 3 post dripping atomizer that is 22mm in diameter.


This is how the atomizer is packaged. As you can see, a nice little box with a magnetic flap to hold it shut and a foam like padding that holds the parts securely in place so the extra sleeves won’t get scuffed up when you’re not using them.


The deck on this one is very unique when compared to other atomizers I have tried. It has a deep juice well that runs underneath the negative posts that are on a raised platform. The juice well runs under this platform to feed the wicks on both sides. This not only allows it to hold a fair amount of juice, but it also makes it less likely to leak on you. The post holes are very large and easily accommodate the 24 gauge wire I used for my first build. The center post hole is slightly larger to accommodate the dual wires, and is also slightly raised to make it easier to line up your lead wires and keep them the same length.


The atomizer setup is pretty familiar. Your air flow control sleeve slides onto the deck and is held in place by 2 O rings. The rings are sized well and hold the outer sleeve on firmly. Your airflow is then controlled by a top cap that is held on by a single O ring. This allows it to be rotated to adjust the size of your air hole. It is loose enough to be adjusted with minimal effort but tight enough to hold the cap in place and prevent accidental adjustment of the airflow.


The top cap has 3 air flow slots to allow for single or dual coil builds. Another nice feature of the top cap is the tapered top rim which reduces the size of the chamber on the atomizer.


The quality of the build on this atomizer can be seen in the size of the afc sleeves. They are very thick and very well machined. There are 3 beauty rings deeply etched into the side of the sleeves, and the top one contains the air flow slots. They are perfectly sized to match the holes in the top cap and the machining on them is very precise and flawless.


This is how the sleeves match up with the Munstro. As you can see, the mod is tarnished from use and the atomizer being brand new, they do not match perfectly but I’m sure that in time (or after a good polishing on both) they will match nicely with the exception of the SS. The mod is a highly polished SS sleeve whereas the atomizer has more of a brushed finish so on the SS which does not tarnish there will always be a slight difference in the look of the mod and the atomizer.


For my first build I went with dual coils, 24 gauge kanthal at .30 ohms. I wicked it with rayon and filled it with Ramon Bueso Genesis The Project from My vape juice. I am completely blown away by the vape on this atomizer. First off, it is a cloud chaser if you want it to be. Yet even with the low sub ohm build and the air slots 3/4 open, I am getting unbelievable flavor from this atomizer. Even better than the flavor I get from the Vulcan. In fact, I don’t own an atomizer that produces better flavor. Furthermore, with the well in the bottom I am able to go a good 15 minutes or more of vaping even at .3 ohms before needing to drip again. I bought this atomizer for the looks, to match the Munstro. I can’t put it down because of the performance. Chasing clouds and flavor at the same time with a setup that has top notch looks is a win win win.