Having issues with mini protank 2

So, I’m vaping sucker punch in my protank and I’m hardly getting any vapor production. I changed my coil even though the one I was using was a day old. What can I do to get my clouds back? My evod tank is working just fine on an older coil so I’m at a loss a to what can be causing the drastic reduction in vapor.

First NT order.

So after a long shift working at the local B&M, smelling juices all day and selling gear, I was dead tired til I saw the little purple package sitting on the couch. Gotta say, I am definitely in love! I had to make this post to show off my goods. I tried both of the flavors so my gma could smell them (certain juices bother her or she cannot stand the smell) but these got the all good and she really liked the smell of grape ape from the bottle and the vapor! 42 thumbs up!

<a href="http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/attachments/nicoticket/369412d1409370474-first-nt-order-uploadfromtaptalk1409370473863.jpg” title=”Name: uploadfromtaptalk1409370473863.jpg
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By the way, I love grape and was sooo stoked to get the grape zotz! I am saving it for a special occasion! Also, thanks to Nick for the personal note, loving the way you make us feel like part of the family!

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Popping vapor?

I just washed out my protank & reassembled it & then filled with a different liquid. The vapor is now has hot bursts & a popping noise. Also, when I drag on the device it’s loud, and it used to be silent when I vaped.
Did I do something wrong?

**Edit: My tank also seems to be getting hot!

Will taking out the bottom airflow screw of a Kayfun Lite stop any leaks

I have a genuine Kayfun lite v2 and sometimes experience minimal dripping on to my mods. It’s not really significant, just annoying. Will removing the bottom airflow screw remedy this problem? Looking at the design it seems that it might. Or am I really off base? I might add that this has become an issue only recently and I have no idea why. Thanks for any imput!

NT and kayfun

Built the kayfun tonight and was worried about leaks so wasn’t willing to test drive it with a precious SR 😀

So I loaded it with some 12nic CLS. Its very yummy, and I like the vape. Does this hit hard like a dripper? I have it on my MVP, but feel the nic pretty strong. I’ve just recently gone down to 12nic in my aerotanks and 6nic in the Reo.

What should I try in the kayfun? 9? 6?

Also I needed to bring the air adjustment screw out some, but its hitting the outside edge of my 510 connector. Is that because the mvp also has ego threading? Would a different mod be better?

Are there any NT juices you wouldn’t recommend in a kayfun?

Cotton wick problems

I have been using cotton (peaches and cream from wal-mart) to replace the flavor wicks in my t3s for a while now and have loved it. But I have recently started recoiling them and when I put cotton in for the main wick, it just sucks 🙂 I was wanting to get away from silica and use just cotton but I can’t seem to figure it out. I have tried dividing the yarn into individual strands because I though MAYBE I was getting too much in there (it wasn’t a tight fit at all with the whole piece of yarn, I could easily pull a full strand through but I tried it anyway) and got the same burny yuckiness. I open the things back up and they’re fully saturated and look good, just taste like crap. They start out tasting good, then it just goes downhill from there. If I use the same coil and rewick with silica inside and with cotton on top for the flavor wick, viola, all better. I have even tried not using a flavor wick at all, same taste. No matter the build with cotton as the main wick, yuckiness after maybe 20 hits.

I just don’t understand what the difference would be. I’ve been using this same ball of yarn for flavor wicks since I started using my t3s. I would think that the flavor wicks would get just as hot as the main wick, at least on the side that is touching the coil. I’m just perplexed. Thanks in advance for any insight.