Hello from UAE

Hello all from UAE,
New to this forum and loving the community and all the info and helps you guys are giving. I have been using ecigs since 2011, and never went back to regular cigarettes. My only issue is electronic cigs is not legalized here in UAE yet but i hope more and more people have thier voice heard so we can be allowed to have ecigs shops.

thank you all,

Dr. Crimmy’s E-Juice

So first off I love Dr. Crimmys because you can order large bottles up to 120ml for a very good price. SOD (Strawberry Over Dose) is my favorite liquid of all time. I also like their beetle juice and apple pie ala mode. The apple pie ala mode tastes like a literally pie, buttery and cinnamon. Great cost for their flavors and the amount you get. However, I have noticed recently that while dripping their juice (70/30) and exhaling through my nose a lot of water vapor has been dripping out of my nose. Not just a couple drops, its like I have a runny nose. Now, i have done research and I was under the impression that VG is supposed to be a thicker consistency than PG. The thing is I bought a 60/40 blend at my local B&M and it is much thicker than my dr. crimmys 70/30. Is it possible they have been watering down their juice? I don’t mean to bring them down because they are a great company for how good their juices are for their prices.However, I would also like to know that I’m getting what I pay for. Anyone else had a similar experience, I’d love to hear.

Vaping monkey: strawberry menthol

I’m using Vaping Monkey’s Kong Berry Burst. It’s supposed to be primarily strawberry with a hint of menthol. I’ve found it to be more like a slightly sweet menthol. The juice is great, and gives off a lot of vapor for an iclear 30. All i’ve found is that the juice goes super quick for me. Like 2 ml in a few hours as opposed to 1ml of the other stuff i was using before. Has anybody else tried this? I’m just curious, plus I wanted to shout out how great it is