evolv patents variable wattage!

Effective Sept 2 14 Evolv will hold the patent on VW.

Very curious to see how they will apply it in the near future.

All of us cheap PRC mod lovers may have to keep Ohms law calculators handy because VV only may become the norm for us.

I honestly dont care much since numbers dont mean much to me as I adjust to taste.

E-cig ban…

Desoto County, Ms. is starting to ban the e-cig. I plan to write the city council to protest. Can someone provide me with info to convince these people that we are NOT harming the public with our vapor?
My husband and I were nearly dead from double pneumonia and COPD until we got off the real cigarettes. e-cigs actually saved our lives. Our doctors are thrilled ….we puff away in the doctor’s office.
We shop and eat out in Southaven and Hernando, Ms…..and now we are told we no longer can use our e-cigs in public…..HELP

Faulty charger?

Hi sorry if this is covered in another thread.

I’m looking for info on how to determine whether or not I have faulty chargers. I have 4 batteries, each having distinct issues with the two chargers I’m using.

I have 2 1300mah vision spinners, a 1600mah spinner II, and a 2000mah smok aro winder.

TTo charge these I have what I believe are 2 identical vision branded 510 (ego?) chargers rated at 420mah out.

I don’t seem to have any issues with my 2 spinners, but sometimes when I’m charging my winder or my spinner II, the light goes green normally when I plug in the adapter. However when I thread on my battery the charger goes solid red and doesn’t blink green like I believe it’s supposed to.

My battery light blinks rapidly and goes solid, which I believe is proper, but I have nothing to indicate that it is in fact charging my battery. No intermittent green blinking. I’m scared.

I’ve been using the supplied wall charger. Should I try it off a USB port? What is the risk of a faulty charger damages my batteries? I can’t afford to replace all these and I’m so happy with my purchases.

Already hooked

I have been a smoker for over 25 years and I am already hooked on my ecig! It just tastes better, hurts my throat less, and does not make my breath/fingers stink. I am already down to 2 or 3 cigarettes a day and can’t wait to give them up altogether!

Just ordered from Madtown Vapors

Just put in an order with Madtown Vapors. I’ve heard good things. I ordered the Kool (I used to love menthol analogs), the green apple mint one and the vanilla custard one, which was free because I spent over 8 dollars! Plus a coupon (freeship) to make the shipping free, and I got a months worth of e-liquid for $14! Now THAT is a good deal! :2cool: :2cool: :2cool:

Who else has tried them and can reccomend some flavors? What have your experiences been with Madtown?


Hi there! So today after a few months of lurking I decided to activate my account and be more active here. I’m 26 and from Mexico, I started smoking when I was around 15 cause I thought it was cool then I ended up picking up the nasty habit and kept going on for 11 years even though I have a family history of deaths mostly caused by the death sticks :facepalm:. I used to smoke a pack a day sometimes a pack and a half of cigarettes, now I’ve been vaping for around 3 months now and I have never been happier, I no longer have a stuffed nose, I get less sick and I can finally smell everything! (had to wash everything in my closet around 3 times to get the nasty cigarette smell off my clothes).

I started out with an ego starter kit and after a few weeks I was like screw it and picked up an MVP 2.0 and an Aspire Nautilus, love the fact that I don’t have to charge the batter a billion times a day and that the tank doesnt leak everywhere! (the coils kinda suck though) and now I just ordered a Helios RDA to get into dripping.