Tuto Chat forum cigarette électronique

Un petit tuto sur l’utilisation de la fonction Chat sur le forum (C’est mon premier tuto! soyez indulgent :s lol)
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2six 26650 clone issue

I hope this is in the right place… if not sorry. I’m not new to mechs, but I got this assuming it was going to have a magnetic switch like the 4nine but after a few days of using it and the switch getting red hot I decided to inspect and go figure it’s a spring loaded switch. My question is can I even convert this to magnets? I’m using MNKE/Purple Efest and even if I do a ~.3 build after a 7 second hit I can’t touch the switch for a few minutes. The battery and tube itself isn’t hot at all, it’s just the switch and I have gone back to my Magneto for the time being because I like to chain vape long lung hits and I can’t do it with this. I can post pics in a few, but I’m rather disappointed in this situation… Thanks