enjoying vaping more as i go

I have been vaping for over two years. In that time I tried clearomizers, clearomizers and tanks, mechanical mods, dripping atomized (357) and variable wattage devices and rebuildable dripping atomizers. All this has been great fun and very interesting. YouTube videos have taught me all I could want to know. Right now I love my Itaste MVP 2.0 (purple) with a Protank 2 rebuilt with cotton (wow). Thank you to all in the vaping community because I do not have to smoke cigarettes and can now ride my bike further.:)

Missing my ohm meter……

So I have all my supplies to build this damn RDA except……my ohm meter which was suppose to come today but all I got was another RDA…damn …….s!

Anyways, i want to do my build and experiment but with no tester I’m out of luck. My question is….can I put my RDA base on my MVP 2 just to see what the resistance is? I know it is unconventional, but can that give me what I need??

Hi All

Hello to all on <acronym title="e-cigarette Forum”>ECF
New to vaping, about 12 days now, but LOVING it !! Ive been searching around for a good site for info and I think <acronym title="e-cigarette Forum”>ECF is far above the others. I’ll still be hanging around and absorbing all the wisdom here…but I know I’ll have questions and comments soon enough C’ya all on the boards!

Anyone heard of Emili?

I love my eRoll so won’t be switching or anything…

But tonight I went to a B&M Shop and they had just gotten in the Emili starter kits. It was interesting to see it and compare it to my eRoll. Weight was similar, design was similar. It’s essentially the same idea.

What I liked was the clear tanks, the 100 mah batteries and 1300 mah PCC that charges two at once.
What I didn’t like was that it’s a manual battery with button, not automatic. I also wondered if extra tanks were available and what price they would be. Seem much "fancier" than the eRoll tanks.

What do you think of it? Like I said, I don’t plan on switching and am quite looking forward to the eRoll-C. I just wondered if anyone has used the Emili or see them and compared.

ps. if you want to see it, search on "Emili ecig" (without quotes) on Google Images

New VAMO V5 battery life terrible, gets hot fast ?????

Hello, I just goat new Vamo V5 in the vape mail today… Already had a V2, but wanted a backup and happy with the v2 for now…. The battery life on the v5 seems significantly shorter, and it feels much hotter while hitting it (especially lung hits as their longer)….

The old one was the black chrome, the new stainless …..

Wondering if anyone can tell me if this is a normal difference between the v2 and v5, or with the stainless version?

< OR >

Do I need to send it back?

It vapes GREAT, functions as intended, just seems to get HOT (dissipates fast) and short battery life….

Thanks in advance!!!

MVP Owners Group-into the next generation…


this is the “Next Generation” of the

iTasteMVP v2 Owners Group thread

that was originally started byKnurledNut

just a fun “owners-group” for peeps that love the MVP

Taste it, Love it ~ Innokin ~ LEADING THE FUTURE

please participate, be nice & have fun…

…the MVP Owners Group gang

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Tobeco DNA 30 Owners Club

I’ve had a pair of these Tobeco DNA 30’s for a few weeks now and for the moderate dripper they work out great, I like them much better than my Segelei 30. They have three buttons and stay at the power you set it to. I run dual 1.5 ohm coildripper so about 0.7 ohms around 20 watts on the drippers. I recommend these as a good buy, much better than the cumbersome battery draining Segelei.

sony vs efest voltage drop test results

Take it wIth a grain of salt but I was doing some voltage drop tests on my mech. Running a semi used sony vtc 5 that metered to 3.8 I measured 3.08 at the posts on my atty. Using a fresh efest purple 2500mah 18650 metered at 4.18 I measured 3.14 at the atty. That is a difference of .35 volts due to battery. Btw mech was a smok magneto and atty was a stillare clone with a .24 dual coil.

Tested on a multimeter with alligator clips attached to the positive and negative of the atty. Seems like battery makes a difference and either my magneto (removed batery spring) or stillare clone has some room to improve.

Take it for what it’s worth.