Vape contest sunday.. suggestions?

Okay i have a tree of life mech mod with an Atty. battery is sony 18650 3.7v. I’m not aspiring to win, but would like to.. well, not embarrass
I have 26 and 30 ga canthal on hand. Any suggestions on a build that will do well?
Atm i have a dual parallel micro coil using 30ga.

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Help with Rayon

So my first Rayon wick was on a KFL using Pocono Fuzzy Peach… no problem.
Second wick vapeTrik AWOL… no problem
Both are strong flavors

After that, trying more subtle juices I notice a strong "smoke wood" / "roasted nut" flavor that is coming from the wick. I searched around and found 2 references to this, but no apparent solution. Seems that this particular taste is called the "break in" wick phase.

Problem is, after 3ML it just wont go away (more than a 100 puffs)

I tried everything I can think off (KFL / RDA / Airflow / rayon amount / wattage / etc.), including a new coil using 26g to make absolutely sure I’m not "burning" the Rayon.

How do I get rid of that horrible taste?

Alright im back with another question/issue

So i have a Kayfun lite, with a 1/16 OD 28g kanthol , 6/7 wraps, 1.23 ohms…. Im running on a DNA 30 box mod (w/ 18650-HE2 Li-ion 3.7v 2500mah) that i got from a friend that he didnt want anymore cause he quit, and it worked perfectly for him for the 2 months he had it …. My issue is that it keeps tasting burnt after only a few hits. And when it does work well I cant go over 10w without it tasting burnt after 5/6 hits…. I want to use the 20-30w capability but i keep changing my setup and nothing is working please help

Unsettling Issue with IPV2

So recently I purchased the IPV2 from a local vape shop. It works flawlessly and does not have any visible quality control issues that they are starting to be known for. This being said, occasionally when i charge it, there is a very quiet, high pitched noise. It kinda sounds like a very tiny kettle coming to a boil. When this happens, i unplug the device and the noise stops. Like i said it doesn’t happen all the time but its a little worrying. Anyone have any explanation? Thank you.

easy micro coil build with a slow speed drill

I just came up with this a couple of days ago and now its the only way I build. It wastes a little bit of wire so make sure you use more than you need. It’s cheap enough when you buy 100 ft. spools from Temco on ebay.

You can use a drill bit or a small screw drive or whatever you want for your desired coil size that wont get damaged by tightening it down in the drill chuck. My drill has a three jaw chuck and the trick is to make sure you place the end of the kanthal against the center of one of the jaws so it will be held tight against the drill bit. I try to insert about 1/2" of wire into the chuck before tightening it down. Hold the other end of the wire with pliers and pull it pretty tight as you start to wind the coil. The tighter the better but thinner wire will break so you cant keep as much tension on it.

In this video I’m using a 3/32" drill bit with 28 gauge kanthal for my fogger and orchid dual coil builds. I unwind some of the wraps from the bent end that was in the chuck to get it down to 12 total wraps for 2.2 ohms which brings it to 1.1 in my dual coil setups running from 17 to 20 watts. After I get it to the right size I torch it to burn off anything left from the manufacturing process.

Hope this helps somebody out there!

(sorry about the constant focusing of the camera)

Batteries, springs, and old school Grand usage (oh my!)

3 years since I bought my REO Grand, and it’s been my all-day, every-day, only device. I still have some old ego batteries and carts with blue foam as a backup, but I’ve rarely even taken them out. Why bother? See my signature. As it says down there, I vape one flavor with a plain old-fashioned Bauway 510LR atty and a simple plastic Delrin drip tip.

My Grand looks like hell, scratched up, sanded in a few places where it got rough from being dropped on concrete, etc. But it works pretty darn good, and I’m satisfied.

So why am I posting? Batteries, springs, etc..

1. About 2 years ago, I accidentally blew out an atty in my pocket when I forgot to lock it. I posted here, and after a couple of attys I got it working again. But I’ll never forget how the spring was just a bit flat. I just stretched it back up and kept on vaping. Every once in a while I notice my battery is dinking around under the door and I stretch it a bit more. It works. No issues. But after reading around a bit, I see it’s possible I did more damage than I originally thought. Do I need to replace that spring? It’s worked fine for years, except for the occasional loose battery.

2. Lately, I’ve been running thru attys fast. Normally I get about a month out of them. I long ago gave up on trying to clean them – they never really got clean enough to get much more use out of them. So, I toss them in the trash and grab a new one. No biggie. Lately, though, they’ve been dying in about a week. I also noticed my AW-IMR 1600mah batteries weren’t quite lasting the entire day, so I’d just grab one of my older ones to get thru the evening and put my depleted one back on the charger to be used the next day. I read somewhere yesterday that these batteries have a life of about a year….ummm….these are 2 year old (my newer ones) and 3 year old batteries. Will replacing them solve my issues with attys dying too quickly?

3. I feel like a complete newbie asking this question, but here goes. I did a search for AW-IMR 18650 batteries, and I kept coming up with a 2000mah version. Is it cool to use those instead of the 1600mah ones I’ve used for 3 years? Is it larger? Will it fit in my Grand ok? BTW, I bought what was at the time the best Pila charger according to everybody here. Will the 2000mah battery fit in the charger? It came with a bunch of adapters for smaller batteries, but I put them in a box in the back of my vape shelf and have never touched them. The 1600 is a perfect fit.

Thanks for answering my questions!

Have you converted anyone into a vaper?

I personally started vaping back in early April ’14 merely as a hobby. I smoked cigarettes here and there, and went through a little less than a pack a month. I never really craved them or had an overpowering urge to smoke, and figured maybe vaping would be healthier. I am a self proclaimed tinkerer, so naturally vaping was right up my alley. Since I started I have gotten the following people to either quit smoking and start vaping, or just start vaping.

My girlfriend- before she met me, she was completely against smoking of any sort. Even after countless times of me explaining to her that vaping was far less harmful than smoking, she remained stubborn. She didn’t mind if I did it, she just wanted no part of it herself. Suddenly on one drunken night as I was puffing away, she yanked my vape from my hands and to my surprise took a huge rip of a 12mg nic juice that I had like a champ. Didn’t even cough, as most people who have never smoked anything would. "Hey!," she said, "This is pretty cool!" She now has her own cheapo vape with a few clearos that she loves.

My dad’s girlfriend- a pack a day smoker, who, out of curiosity tried my vape one day and was enamored with it. She has not smoked a single cig since and vapes only 0mg nic juices.

My brother- 1/2 pack a day smoker. He was constantly asking to use my vape, which as we all know is annoying. I got him a cheap VV vape for his birthday and he hasn’t smoked a cig since.

So that’s it for me, just 3 people. However, I am glad I could help people that I care about get off the cancer sticks. It may be hypocritical of me to say they are disgusting since I used to smoke them, but they are. I haven’t even thought about lighting one up since I purchased my beloved vape(s).

RJ Mods CATs RDA & clone

I have searched high and low and found very little out on the forums regarding the CATs RDA. It look interesting, but before dropping $130 on an RDA. I would like to get some feedback. I have watched the rip trippers review and the suck my mod clone review. But i would like more feedback.

Authentic – Build quality? Is it worth the additional cost?

Clone – how close to the authentic is it? Quality?

A side by side review or breakdown would be great. From what i understand the clone from cigreen is supposed to be the closest to the real one. So anyone with experience please chime in and help me out! Thanks!