Watching it in different way – by: Smocar

We all know that electronic cigarette is the future of the smoking. In future no one is going to smoke normal cigarette.

Still, many people do not know about electronic cigarette and those who know have some misconceptions in the mind!

Some brands are enjoying very good sales records while others are facing too much problems. No uniformity in the market for the e cigarette and e-liquid has created too much problem for the e cigarette industry legally and others also.

I want to know about your opinions, what do you think about e cigarette industry.

As a student of business and finance, I personally feel that there is a huge market potential yet to exploit in the electronic cigarette industry. VVPV

This is a look at the VVPV top feeding Variable Voltage mod from DISCLAIMER: I purchased this device for my own personal use. My opinions ar…
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A PBusardo Review – Infinity Pro VV mod from NotCigs Infinity Pro VV mod Review
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Smok T-Dux series–why is it not popular

I have a T-Dux 3.0. Same design as 4.0 but larger tank.

the flavor and vapor production is better than my previous fav tanks, Iclear 30S & Kanger Aerotank.

It’s the closest to my Kayfun as possible, but yes I already know why your going to say, try the Aspire Mini.
Maybe, but still I don’t get why nobody talk about these bad boys.
They also, I believe, have the same coil design as the Aspire.