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Dems push fast action on ecigarettes
"While FDA's proposed rule sets the stage for future regulations, strong regulatory actions on marketing to children, e-cigarette flavors, and online sales cannot wait,” they wrote to FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg. “FDA has an existing mechanism to …
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The ECigarette Gateway Myth
The e-cigarette is a battery-powered, smoke-free device that delivers nicotine vapor without most of the carcinogens produced by tobacco combustion. Yet it is feared and stigmatized by legislators and health officials, and may even be regulated out of …
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Major Review Shows E-Cigs Likely Less Harmful Than Cigarettes
In a review of existing research, a British team found that e-cigs were a good option for people trying to quit smoking and that secondhand smoke from them was less harmful than from regular cigarettes. The authors noted that no long-term research into …
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Review says ecigarette potential benefits outweigh harm
(WBIR- Knoxville) Current evidence suggests the potential benefits of electronic cigarettes outweigh the harm, according to a new review published by the Addiction Journal. The e-cigarette trend has grown substantially in the Knoxville area over the …
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Electronic cigarettes may cause, worsen respiratory diseases, among youth, study finds


Electronic cigarette “vapors” are made of small particles containing chemicals that may cause or worsen acute respiratory diseases, including asthma and bronchitis, among youth, according to a new study by RTI International.

Researchers examined particles emitted by e-cigarettes, an alternative nicotine delivery device, to understand what a user inhales and how these particles may affect the teen user’s lungs. In a cellular model, the study found some e-cigarette emissions cause acute toxicity, or lung damage, similar to that caused by conventional tobacco smoke.

“The emerging trend of e-cigarette use is posing public health concerns and new issues for regulatory agencies,” said Jonathan Thornburg, Ph.D., senior research engineer and program manager at RTI and the project’s manager. “e-cigarettes produce a significant number of very small particles that impact a teen user’s airway viability. To understand what the user inhales, we collected data to characterize the small particles in the vapor and to determine the chemical and toxicological characteristics of e-cigarette emissions.”

The study found up to 40 percent of particles emitted by an e-cigarette can deposit in the deepest area of a youth’s lungs. The chemicals contained in these small particles may irritate airways or worsen pre-existing respiratory conditions

To conduct the study, researchers developed an e-cigarette vapor collection and sampling system equipped with a custom apparatus to mimic the conditions found inside the human mouth and respiratory tract. The system is attached to an e-cigarette to uniformly generate and capture the vapor emissions. The system is flexible to be representative of realistic smoking patterns among adolescents and adults.

According to the researchers, the type and quality of e-cigarette liquids will affect the size, content and concentration of generated particles. The size and toxicity of particles are also impacted by different fragrances, preservatives and other additives.

The study did not examine secondhand vapor exposure by e-cigarettes.

“Our soon-to-be published data indicate that we need to do more research to understand how different liquids and device features alter particles and thus impact respiratory health,” Thornburg said. “What we learned from this first study will allow the design of scientifically defensible and comparable studies to further the understanding of the effects of e-cigarettes on a user’s health.”

Hana mod plus dripper high ohms

Just wanted to toss a build up for those Hana mod owners.

Tossed a twisted 32 guage, 5/64 bit aka blue screw driver, 7 wraps, japan cotton, at 1.6 ohms in my trident.

Cranked it up too 20 watts, 5.7 volts.

Chucks flavor and decent clouds. I don’t prefer warmer vapes, so didn’t goto 30 watts.

Enjoyment with a double IPA tonight.

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Kayfun Dripper Conversions

Hello! Since I have started using dripping atomizers, my Kayfun Lite + hasn’t been getting much attention. But lately, I have noticed that there are few Kayfun dripper conversion kits on the market. I started this thread so that members can post their review, impressions or questions regarding turning the Kayfun into an RDA. I don’t have any of these kits yet, but I am considering getting one, and would love to hear what other members think of them! Thanks very much!!

Hobo Rda

so ive been seeing all this talk on calivapers about something called the hobo rda? i havent seen anything on <acronym title="e-cigarette Forum”>ECF about this. looked pretty cool on that other forum. i cant find anywhere to buy it either. this some secret cali stuff?

Nautilus Aspire wicks

I have been cleaning them with 99% rubbing alcohol after I get the burnt taste. Just putting them into a solution of it and swirling them around. Is this OK? I tried using a q-tip, but it seemed to get hung and perhaps leave cotton in it, so now I’m just swirling and letting air dry. Is this acceptable?



Hello from the ‘noke :)

Hello All,
Newbie here. Just switched from Blu’s and smoking to an Evic Supreme with a Nautilus Aspire. Looking for a nice community of like minded folks. Haven’t had a cig in 4 weeks (since I got my "real" vaporizer). I have since ordered another eVic Supreme and 5 Nautilus Aspires. Have a subscription to Zodist for the minimum and am smoking about 5ml of 12mg juice daily. I looked up the equivalent and it seems I’m smoking the equivalent of 2.5 packs of Marlboro Reds daily. Is this right? Like I said I’m a newb, so I don’t know. I’m thinking of downgrading to 6mg/ml and seeing how that goes. Am I off base on my calculations or am I correct in assuming that is my intake?