Looking for a B&M Recommendation in the Twin Cities

My adult daughter is trying to encourage her father (my ex) to get more serious about vaping. So far he has been using a cigalike for convenience so he doesn’t need to go outside to smoke, and is kind of meh about it – not bad but not worth thinking about really quitting smoking. He does seem fairly impressed about how well vaping is working for me.

They live in St. Paul, near Como Park, and since he is a complete luddite when it comes to computers (hasn’t even figured out email, let alone the internet) I was thinking about ordering him at least an ego kit, but to get better buy-in from him she is thinking of going to a B&M with him to try to get him a better setup. Since she knows nothing about this I’m wondering if anyone has any good recommendations for a store — you know, someplace that won’t try to sell him something extravagant or hard to learn, but that has some variety, and ideally with a chance for him to try some different flavors of liquid.

Any suggestions appreciated. It doesn’t have to right by the neighborhood they live in, but she thinking of the "Oh look, why don’t we check that out?" approach, which would be easier for her to pull off if it is on the way to or from home.


Ladies, SHOW me your TOOLS! :D

This is for all the ladies who rebuild:

1. What tools do you use for rebuilding your rbas?

2. How do you organize all the essentials for building?

3. What gauge kanthal wire do you use?

4. Which wick material do you prefer?

5. Which mods and rba’s are your faves?

would love to see PICS!!!!

<a href="http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/attachments/womens-room/365329d1408159917-ladies-show-me-your-tools-d-tool-kit.jpg” title=”Name: tool kit.jpg
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<a href="http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/attachments/womens-room/365330d1408159955-ladies-show-me-your-tools-d-tools.jpg” title=”Name: tools.jpg
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These are my essential tools, all of which I keep in a handy cosmetic bag from target:

double-pointed sock needles (used for coiling kanthal): sizes 000, 00, 0, 1 (1.5mm, 1.75mm, 2.0mm, 2.25mm) all stuck in a piece of stapled felt
a pair of rosary making pliers & a pair of flat nose pliers

ohm meter
26 gauge A1 kanthal
1/16 size mini flat head screwdriver & zero sized mini phillips
soto pocket torch

shiseido cotton pads for wicking
a pair of small tweezers, nail cutter, and cuticle pusher (for cutting wire & for positioning and removing wicks)

I made good use of joann fabrics’ 50% off coupons. heh. and scavenged an ulta for clearance grooming supplies. 😀

I’ve shown you mine, now show me yours!

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Well there goes $85 down the drain

So recently I’ve been buying little things here and there from Fluidvapes and recently thought since all my other orders came through perfectly fine that I’d other a mod from them. This was a horrible mistake.

I decided to get myself a Seven-30 mod and that is what I got from them but, the threads on the bottle where really messed up which made putting in a 26650 battery a pain in the …. once that was in I found the bottle part needed to be screwed down even more than how it came to make the connection with the battery.
These things are really bad things rather just annoyances I could have dealt with so long there wasn’t anything worse…. unfortunately there was.

Upon using it for the first time, It gave off the worst hit I’ve ever taken from an ecig… I’ve never tasted or felt a hit burn this bad from them… so I lowered the wattage to 10… and I got a burnt hit… so I lowered it again, to the lowest possible 7 watts and then I didn’t get a burnt hit rather the entire device just crapped out on me.

Note I took 2 hits off this device with an RDA at 1.7 ohms… So it wasn’t like I was pushing anything here. After the 2nd hit, the device showed 2.5 ohms no matter what… I put in an RDA that I checked with an ohm meter to be 1.7ohm, nope shows 2.5ohm. I put in a tank that was 1.2ohm, still shows 2.5ohm

I screw on an Aerotank Mega, Aspire Nautilus, and an IGO-L and they refused to fire. They would not even try firing, the device said it was but It clearly wasn’t.
So I took out my Innokin VTR to check out whether its just the 3 different devices I’m using… nope, all 3 worked like a charm and that is when I figured out… $85 for a VW mod has just gone down the drain because those idiots over at Fluidvapes decided to sell me a faulty device.
I am never shopping at fluidvapes again because of this.

So in the mean time, got any 26650 mods that you suggest that are sold from a RELIABLE site?

Finally ordered some mechs, RDA etc

So I’ve been vaping full time for a few months now, using a VV/V3 and MVP2 with about 8-10 different tanks with the stock coils, and after doing a tonne of research and taking the plunge today, I’ve gone and ordered a bunch of stuff to start getting into coil building and, ideally once I’m proficient enough, sub ohming too. Here’s what I’ve ordered today, any comments, tips, advice welcome as always 🙂

Anyvape Caravela
Hcigar Stingray

Kayfun Lite Plus V2 Clone

Hcigar Tobh V2

AW IMR 18650
AW IMR 18500
Sysmax Nitcore i4 Charger
battery case

Kanthal D Wire 0.25

Coil Jig (Coil Building Tool)

I still need to pick up some surgical cotton and butane torch, but otherwise I THINK I’m about set to start building one this gear arrives.

I always read that building your own coils and wick is in a different league taste and flavour wise vs stock tanks, but me being pretty new here in Germany I don’t know anyone else who builds – in fact apart from 2 workmates who I’ve recently converted, I’m the only one I know that vapes, so I guess there will be countless YouTube vids being used for reference and general building tips 😀

If anyone knows of a good link that could possibly explain the reasons/uses for different sized wire/silica that would be useful.

Also if anyone knows the lowest resistance the mechs mentioned above will fire with, just so I know, that would also be great to know.

Now looking forward to my kit arriving and delving deeper into this weird and wonderful ever expanding world that is vaping!