free vapes?!?!

Hello I’m new to the vaping world! A friend of mine let me borrow one of her vape pens just to try it out I have decided they I want my own vape pen but I’ve checked local shops and browsed several websites and everything is so expensive I was wondering if anybody knows of anywhere I can get a free starter kit thanks!!!!

Anyone Ever Use The Kayfun Lite As A Dripper?

This is the BOMB!!!

Just remove the chimny, use one of the sections that attach to the tank section, and put the top on.You can build the coil as you normally would and just put some additional collon around the inside (because the chimny is not there anymore), and drip into it. I got like 40 drops and it probably would have held more. Once you screw the top on, it will not leak even if you lay it on its side.

Anyone ever try this?

Works extreamly well I must say.

No nicotine in an Ejuice I ordered specifically with nicotine?

I bought a Menthol flavor from a well known juice maker. I ordered it with 12mg of nicotine, and it even says 12mg on the bottle. But when I vape it, it has absolutely no throat hit (Unlike the other 12mg juices I’ve bought from them) and doesn’t give me the same feeling I get when I use nicotine.

Is it possible that they forgot to put the nicotine in my juice? They seem like one of the most professional and popular juice makers out there, so I find it unlikely, but then again, It’s not the same at all to a juice with nicotine…

Is it possible they messed up my juice? Anyone else have an experience like this?

Steeping revisited once again.

Tobaccos need to steep, but does a slow cooker simulate time? I’ve read conflicting accounts and would like to know from those with first hand experience. Does several hours in a slow cooker at 150° equal a week or so of steeping with FA tobacco flavors? All those FA tobaccos I steeped for a week and haven’t impressed me, I don’t wanna give up on them. Basically I wanna experiment with them without it consuming months. For example…Desert Ship (FA): Can I find where I like it 1%,2%, 2.5%…4% within a weeks time with steeping in a slow cooker? Or is this just a pipe dream?

► Cool’s “CAPTION THAT PICTURE” Contest – Come On Over and play!


You may post one caption for the following picture everyday. I will choose a winner based on what I feel is the best caption. The winner will receive a 37ml bottle of vape juice or a 17ml bottle of <a href="”>diy Flavor Extract


This contest will run through Saturday August 16th. Have fun and let the game begin. 🙂

Question about parallel coil?

All right so I built my first parallel coil.. Single 26g, 4 wraps around 3/32 drill bit (so it looks like 8 wraps total). My volt meter is reading it at 1.4 -1.5 ohms, but when i dry fired it, it heated up really quickly and glowed very bright, which makes me think it’s waaaay less than a 1.4-1.5.. Is this really a 1.4-1.5 ohm build or is it the fact that it’s a parallel that might be throwing off the voltmeter? There’s nothing wrong with the voltmeter as it’s reading all my other rdas fine.

Also, if anybody knows, what would the actually ohm be on this build???

8 months now finally 6 days free

I joined this forum in February but started dabbling with vaping in January. I feel like I’ve been to the ends of the earth and back again on this journey hoping one day to be smoke free. I’ve been through mystic’s, ego‘s, evod’s, e smart knock off’s, 510 fin’s and eRolls. I’ve vaped every flavor my heart could desire but still couldn’t give up cigarettes. I could smoke very little but never go free.

Last Sunday morning I had a single cigarette and decided that Monday morning I would let the vape do the work. Monday I woke up, tripped over my cats, fed them, sat in my garage staring at a near full pack of smokes and vaped my fool head off until I didn’t want one. I repeat that every single morning. Due to an awesome <acronym title="e-cigarette Forum”>ecf member I have fresh attys and tanks for me eRoll which REALLY helps during my morning nic fit. Every morning is still hard and I’m not one of those who took to vaping easily at all. I went through juice and gear issues. It’s still hard but every day I’m making a choice to say no to smokes and yes to vapes!

i would have never kept trying if it weren’t for reading all the varied experiences here and encouragement. I’ve learned so much! Thank you all!