it suddenly dawned when i got a delta…..

it is fairly new but i haven’t heard anything about this triple bottom coil tank. i have been using it about a week now and it has proven much better than either a nautilus or mega aero tank. well made and solid,simple construction. absolutely no leaks and a large 6mm capacity makes this an all day tank. glass and stainless it handles any juice and is easy to fill, clean, and adjust the airflow. much better airflow than any of the other two tanks. it’s not the cheapest tank and the coils are pricey but the performance justifies the price. it rocks on any high powered mod(i have used it on the sigelei 30 watt and the ivp) at 20 watts with the airflow wide open it hit hard- a nice , smooth , dense vape that is not too hot. it says it can handle 25 watts with ease but i haven’t pushed it past 20 because i would like to keep my mouth and throat just a little longer. this thing blows away the others and yet i don’t se any love for it here in the forum. what am i missing? this should be a must-try for new and old vapors alike…. any comments?

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We are going to remove the ability to generate the old school banners – BUT – those of you that have them generated will still be able to continue to use yours.

Personally, I am keeping an old one no matter how cool the new ones turn out…

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Hi, My name is LilaRox and………..

I’m addicted to buying ejuice. :facepalm:

**background noise, murmuring** "Hi, LilaRox, welcome….yes welcome… nice to see you."

Thank you everyone. It has been 5 minutes since my last relapse with a purchase of a sample pack from a new vendor that I feel compelled to try.:matrix:

My story is pretty much the same as other people, it started on a stormy day when I quit analogs and acquired a few juices including menthol to aid in quitting. In the beginning I didn’t understand the juice buying addiction of my husband and other vapors, in fact I often reprimanded him for all the purchases. 😡 I even told him when my turn came I would only need menthol because I wouldn’t have a crazy juice obsession like he did. :smokie: I will never live those words down as I sit here gazing 😳 at my desk that contains a multitude of juices, made by various vendors, in numerous flavors. While many of these bottles await their turn to be vaped, I am purchasing more juice to add to enormous collection I can barely handle now. And NO, thank you, but I don’t want to give my juice to the suffering poor that might need and benefit from them, because I cannot part with them since I am convinced that I need all these juices and more and still more
until I’m
:glug: in juice.

I’m off to workout, eat some green vegetables, and maybe organize a closet to relieve my guilt. 😥

Thank you, my fellow addicts, :vapor: for letting me share today.

Hello Everyone

Hey Everyone im new to <acronym title="e-cigarette Forum”>ECF, well new member but i have been reading on here for quite a while… ive been vaping for quite some time on and off, and yeah.

Ive tried plenty of batteries and tanks..

so far my current set up is the itaste VV 3.0 and pro tank mini 2 and 3,

im kind of torn between the 2, i like the 2 but i like the duel coil in the 3

well guys well be seeing you around the forum