I was asked a few questions on Vaping that I could not answer

I figured I would ask here and or if you guys could point me in the right direction of where I could ask.
First question – the others will come once I get them
some reason I’m only getting one at a time.

"Has any of these chemicals that we vape with, changed with out our knowledge or do they. As in we use the flavoring cor cooking
yet it it is not direct heat does the chemical change when it is changed to a vapor." My honest answer was I don’t think so, but I’m not a chemist.

Which is a second part of the first question " Do you have to be a chemist or have basic chemistry under you belt" my honest answer was no but basic knowing of this yes but chemistry I really don’t think so.

I know these aren’t the right numbers but just saying hypothetically
If I’m making myself a 50/50 no nic ejuice with flavoring, I would think that I would be able to say ok" 9ml of pg 9 ml of vg, 6ml of "A" 3ml of "B" and 1.5 "C" to get this flavor that is all that really is needed.

If I were to say add nic then yea maybe knowing that 5ml for a 30 mil bottle or something like and the flavors and the 6.3pg/vg amount but to me that doesn’t seem like needing a degree in chemistry

Allow me to introduce myself…

Hey <acronym title="e-cigarette Forum”>ECF,

New Member just dropping a line, saying hello. Paying dues in the "New Member Forums" because any good community has members that contribute.

Been vaping for about 2 months now, after 18 years of smoking cigarettes. 18 years sounds horrible when said outloud.

I admit, initially I wasn’t interested in vaping. I’m sure some of it had to do with my brain’s "Fight or Flight Response" when confronted with another cigarette cessation product, but alot of it had to do with the whole "Fad/Trend" vibe to it. My mistake and I assure you, I get humbled by the freinds who originally tried turning me on to it… humbled every day (…..h0l3$).

Beyond all the new vape shops popping up everywhere and all the non – smokers who now dip their toes in an addiction with nicotine, there is a community of current and ex smokers who trully believe this is a better alternative to cigarettes. I agree with them and that’s why I signed up, because I truly believe this is finally the thing that got me to quit.

Started on a ego/ CE5 clearo now puffing a K101/ ET-S BDC Clearo

How much pg in ejuice?

First off, is this calculation correct?

If I want 10ml juice at 50/50 pg/vg with 6mg/ml nic starting from 12mg/ml nic base (100% vg carrier) and I want 10% flavoring the recipe would be:
4.5ml nic base (vg base)
4.5ml pg
1ml flavor

OK assuming that’s correct….. My question is: does the fact that there is pg in the flavor throw off the pg/vg ratio? OR, is the amount of pg present in the flavor too small to have any real effect on our recipe?