Review of copper morpheus mod – by: ambercliman

The[b][color=#ff4400][url=http​://​heus-mechanical-mod-px2eheg-p-​3992.html] copper Morpheus mod[/url][/color][/b] is constructed from Solid Copper., the color is Like gold, copper is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity. Copper is also resistant to corrosion. There are three parts in box, one 18650 mod, one 18350 tube and one 18500 tube.

Each Morpheus is engraved with the logo and serial number on the surface of the mod. The connection to the atomizer is 510 thread. And the cap contains a copper contact pins to connect the battery. And the pin is a adjustable floating positive contact pin, the cap is detachable. It contains. Spring-loaded bottom firing button, with reverse threaded locking ring,

modular design with "seamless" extension tubes for interchangeable battery to accommodate 18-series batteries (18350, 18500, 18650)

Effortless firing mechanism with tapered edge for sleek and elegant look.
Serial numbers are machine stamped vertically on the reverse side of the tube opposite the Morpheus logo.



Re: August week deals – by: ambercliman

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The Status of electronic cigarette Industry | DOVP – by: Jessica

As a new electronic product, e-cigarette is running about wildly like a runaway horse in the traditional cigarette market. For many years, due to the increase of tax rate in many countries, the smoking ban in public places and the attention to health, the sales volume of traditional cigarettes has been impacted severely, but meanwhile, the e-cigarette bucks the trend for rising sharply. According to the statistics, in 2006, only thousands of people used electronic cigarette, but in 2013, abut 2.5 million people used it. This rising momentum has enabled the e-cigarette manufacturers to see hope and attracted more and more e-cigarette agents, so the number of large or small competing companies is on the increase.

Chance for electronic cigarette consumption rise

The smoking ban in developed countries becomes more and more strict, which leads to the constant decline of sales volume of traditional cigarettes. Data show that the sales volume of traditional cigarettes in UK has fallen by 20%, and the sales volume of traditional cigarettes in US is decreasing by 2%-3% per year. however, in recent three years, the salves volume of e-cigarettes have doubled every year. Up to the middle of 2012, the annual sales of e-cigarettes in Britain market reached 0.15 billion pounds, and the annual sales of e-cigarettes in American market reached 0.52 billion dollars. Based on the data of UK and US, about more than 1 million smokers often consume e-cigarette products in US and all EU members. Besides, more and more consumers begin to select or try e-cigarette in Canada, etc. No matter for smoking cessation or for replacement of traditional cigarettes, e-cigarette has a huge space for growth. Currently, the sales of e-cigarettes mainly focus on US, and if the markets in Europe, China and other regions are opened, the sales of e-cigarette will achieve a further increase.

Reasons for choosing e-cigarette: quit smoking or replace tobacco products

The reasons for the consumers to favor e-cigarette mainly include smoking cessation, substitute for traditional cigarettes, product novelty, low price, etc.

With the implementation of many national smoking-control bills, many smokers cannot take the traditional cigarettes freely, so they have to choose other substitutes. As an electronic product with the similar shape and taste as the ordinary traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarette has become the preferred choice. In addition, e-cigarette reduces lots of chemical substances which are harmful to human body, which allows the consumers to reduce the harm to body while enjoying the cigarette. What​​’s more, in fact, those who take e-cigarette inhale vapor containing a little bit of nicotine, which means e-cigarette can be used indoors. Some smokers use e-cigarette as the product assisting in smoking cessation. For example, among the crowd who have quit smoking in UK, 48% people said that e-cigarette did help them quit smoking. Some consumers select e-cigarette because of its obvious price advantage. With the strict smoking ban, the tax rate of tobacco is increased obviously, which leads to the much higher price of tobacco than e-cigarette. e-cigarette began to be popular in US, which is always regarded as the guide of trend, so it is predicted that e-cigarette will be well-received as a fashionable commodity.

The implementation of smoking ban provides a chance for the development of e-cigarette, and its own advantage also promotes the development of electronic cigarette, which paves a path forward for all e-cigarette manufacturers. As an e-cigarette manufacturer in Shenzhen, a gathering place for e-cigarettes, DOVPO is making steady process in this path.

any diff in maintaining mech vs. APV?

I just ordered my very first mech! If not for the potential vapocalypse, I’m sure I’d have been perfectly happy with electronic APVs for many years, but I’m just afraid that the FDA is going to do something insane to make advanced PVs so expensive that no one short of Warren Buffet can afford one, which would really leave me high and dry when the ones I have now finally wear out.

I’m accustomed to regular maintenance of my Sigelei Zmax v3, consisting of regularly cleaning off old Noalox in the battery tube threads, and reapplying fresh Noalox, in order to maintain good conductivity. Should I also do this with the mech I just ordered? It’s a "Fallen Angel" which appears identical to the EA mod Clone, which of course is the clone of the Electric Angel.

Also, is there any kind of maintenance required for the Kick I ordered with it? I don’t really know anything about this particular piece of hardware, as I’ve so far used nothing but electronic APVs.


New Here- 2yr vaper, want advice on going no-nic (expect weight gain??)

Hi Everyone!

I’m new here, but have been vaping about 2 yrs after taking it up and quitting social smoking. I started at about 18mg juice and use an Evod battery and Protank, pretty basic low-key gear, have recently dropped down to 12mg.

I enjoy vaping, but have concerns about long-term nicotine use, for me personally. I agree it has some benefits (I am a PhD in biological sciences so have done some research!) and fully respect everyone’s choice to use it, but for personal reasons, I want to get off nicotine (reasons: a) since I was never a heavy smoker I was not physically dependent before vaping, b) I am just super-sensitive to its effects (notice it may effect my breathing on the soccer field a bit), and c) finally I have an addictive personality type and am hoping to work on that). Eventually I want to cut down my ecig use as well to more recreational than what currently seems to be an addiction.

I have a couple concerns and am hoping for some advice from you guys:) If this thread is better fit for another spot on the forums, please feel free to move:) :

1) Has anyone (esp. the ladies) noticed changes in weight (i.e. weight gain or loss of appetite suppression) when going no-nic? I have a history of some moderate disordered eating issues and believe vaping helped me curb my compulsive eating that I dealt with intermittently a few years back. I also lost about 10-15 lbs during this time due to adapting a Paleo-type diet, exercise, and possibly using my ecig, and am really happy with my fitness/physique right now, so am quite afraid of giving up nicotine and going back to struggling with eating/weight. I know nicotine has a somewhat suppressive effect on appetite and boosts the metabolism slightly, although reports seem conflicted about just how much. This might be a "silly vain woman" question, but as an athlete and fashion/style- conscious woman in her 20s, it is a serious concern for me, so I would love some serious advice/ what your experience has been. Especially, hearing from women about this issue would be great.

2) I do enjoy a good throat hit and I accept that this will be lessened without the nicotine. Any suggestions for good vapes that help with simulating that? Menthol maybe?

Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself and say that this forum has been a blessing to me, I’ve learned a lot, and I would really appreciate your advice about what to expect going nic free. Again, I respect everyone’s decision to use nicotine and have absolutely nothing against it. For personal reasons, it is my goal to cut down and stop using it but still enjoy the occasional tasty vape. Thanks in advance!


PS- I am a true science nerd so please feel free to forward PubMed articles or other studies I may not have heard of:)

need help

I am using just the basic two wick and a bottom coil tank with my itazte mvp 2.0 I want to upgrade to bigger and better tanks that won’t break the bank are well worth the money mainly bigger though. I use mainly fruity flavors because that what my girlfriend likes to smell.

Evic supreme with delta tank

Hi all.

Hope this is in the right forum. I recently ordered the evic supreme and after a couple days of debate, ordered the delta tank to go with it. I used the supreme with my nautilus til the delta arrived. I now have the delta but having some issues with it. The system produces huge vapor and flavor,,,,but the problem I am having is that once the tank is about a quarter usedI get air through the intake tube and also start to get acutual liquid on my draws. I am waiting to hear back from joyetech but no answer yet. The tank also has a rotating air flow control ring which started to leak shortly after I started using it. I changed the atomizer and that seemed to stop. Any one else have the setup and having any issues? Seems to me that if it is common, no sense having a 6ml tank if you can only use a quarter of it before you refill. I am fairly new to vaping and <acronym title="Advanced Personal Vaporizer, aka mod“>apv\s so any ideas or suggestions would be welcome! Thanks guys