Vaper tongue

Hi all, glad to find this forum. I have been quitted and vaping for about a month, but now I am struggling…

I have tried 3 different flavors so far. Yesterday I received my first Gorilla juice. The first hit just made my day. It tastes so good. However, started from this morning, I can’t taste anything anymore. So I stopped for several hours. After a few hours, first hit, I tasted a little banana but after the first hit it tasteless to me again.

I am using Mini Protank 3. I search online and I think it is so-called vaper tongue. I tried coffee beans and lemon juice but no help. Now I am not really enjoying now because it tastes nothing to me…:facepalm:

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance…

Quitting Camels – Alternative to Space Jam’s Eclipse?

Thanks to this forum, I have an incredible setup now with a couple different tanks (New Aspire Mini being the primary), far too many drip tips, and some great batteries. But I have still yet to find that ideal daily flavor.

I’m cutting down on smoking, but haven’t quit completely, and I’m hoping someone can Pandora the flavor that I’m after.

I’ve been smoking Camel Crush’s for quite a few years now….but I actually don’t crush them. So this makes the flavor close to Camel Blue, but not quite. I have ordered a ton of various Tobacco flavors from recommendations from this forum and online, but all of them are just too strong. The constant that I keep coming back to is Space Jam’s Eclipse, which is delicious and I really do love it. But it’s just a tad bit too sweet for all-day vaping. Especially now that I have the BVC coils, it seems even sweeter than before. These coils are amazing but I’ve realized that this flavor is now almost too much of a good thing. I need something that I can vape all day.

I’m wondering, can someone recommend something similar to Eclipse, or perhaps a Tobacco flavor that I could cut it with to tone it down? It seems like everything is too strong, or too sweet, and I can’t find my goldilocks zone of that perfect mix. I’ve noted from similar threads that there may not be a perfect answer out there, as nothing does really replicate a cig, but I thought I would at least give a try.

I’d truly appreciate any feedback you guys can provide, as I feel like I’m so close to quitting…and there is a vap flavor out there that can seal the deal.

Kayfun 3.1 clone dry hitting, need help

Ok so having a little problem.

Recently got kayfun 3.1 clone. Not sure which clone manfac
Started getting dry hits. I did go to this thread here <a href="!508564!” target=”_blank”>…-great-me.html and I am building in this fashion. It did help some, but still getting dry hits.

Then one day I unscrewed the top a bit and noticed bubbles come up thru the juice. Took a toot, and had a good hit.
For a while, I would periodically unscrew the top a bit so the juice could "flood" the chamber. But it isn’t really flooding. It is just making it operate normally.

Finally today, I just left the top loose. Not about-to-fall-off loose. Just loose enough so that I could see the o-ring. So the o-ring wasn’t seating.

I know this is supposed to be a vacuum operated device, but it seems to work better when operating as an open system. And it isn’t flooding.

I am tempted just to remove the o-ring and see if screwing it down without the o-ring won’t just fix it.

But still, it isn’t operating as designed.

Any suggestions?