Re: August week deals – by: ambercliman

August week discount, up to 31% off, [COLOR="Red"]end in 24th[/COLOR], Aug, extra 5% off coupon code: [COLOR="Green"][B]va​porg5poff[/B][/COLOR]

[B]1. Copper Morpheus Mechanical mod Clone–$23.85( save 10% )[/B]

[B]2. Golden Stingray Clone mod with Patriot RDA–$26.39( save 10% )[/B]

[B]3. HANGSEN 30ml Strong Mint Flavor E-liquid–$2.76( save 31% )[/B]

[B]4. E-POOL 1600mAh Vision Spinner 2+2.4ml T3S–$17.19( save 18%)[/B]


Buzzing battery

I run a Sigelei V2 with paired 18350 batteries. I have a single Sigelei charger that I have to, obviously, charge one at a time. Recently one battery in particular has started to make a slight hum or buzzing sound in the charger. That’s never happened with any of these before. I took it out right away and haven’t fully charged it, I want to know if it may possibly blow up soon or something.

Or it could just be a sign that I need to go ahead and get a handful of 18650s instead.

New Guy in Town.

So I’m new to this forum. Currently I’m vaping on a VaporShark DNA-30 with a Russian 91%. Generally I’ve got a micro coil at about 1.2-1.5 ohms and vape comfortably at 16-18 watts. I love my regulated mods, however I’m thinking about getting into mechs and RDAs for some ‘cloud chasing’ in my down time. What do you prefer, regulated or mech?

August week deals – by: ambercliman

Big discount for mod & atomizer, up to 30% off. [COLOR="#FF0000"][si​ze=5]the first discount End in 4th, second end in 5th, last two end in 8th, August[/size].[/COLOR] Another 5% off coupon code: [COLOR="#008000"][SI​ZE=4][size=5]vaporg5poff[/size​][/SIZE][/COLOR]

[B][size=5]1. Kingfish KY-2 Atomizer 2.5ml RBA–$7.03(30% off )[/size][/B]


[B][size=5]2. Foldable IDEACIG R801 Pipe mod with Mini Atomizer–$27.25(11% off)[/size][/B]


[B][size=5]3. Tree of Life Style Mechanical mod–$17.99(11% off)[/size][/B]


[B][size=5]4. Hammer Mechanical mod–$25.8 (12% off)[/size][/B]



Counterfeit protank 3 and coils

Hey guys and gals. I wasn’t sure where to post this so figured this was a good place.
I picked up a protank 3 today from a vape shop I found a few block from my apt. I had asked the guy if it was authentic and he honestly said he wasn’t sure. He mainly deals in RDA’s and doesn’t know a lot about tanks. I bought it anyway with his assurance if I had issues to return it.
So I got it home and checked the code. I get an error invalid code when checking. Also the performance was bad. I was thinking the coils didn’t seem right. The posts are non existent. Thought maybe it was because they were 2.0ohm and I’ve been used to 1.5 and 1.6. Anyway I swapped the coil from my pt3 mini and the it vapes real nice. I had him drill out the air holes so its a nice draw.
So just wondering if anyone has seen these coils? I may just keep this and buy new coils. I’m figuring its counterfeit because even the logo doesn’t line up.

up grade

I am using a itaste vv 3 at the moment and I love it. I am not going to buy anything yet but I am always looking ahead. What would be a good up grade from this one to another. I don’t want a box type one and I am not a person who fools around a lot with different watts and stuff to use them. It would just be easier for me to get a kayfun tank that is not a mini. A regular kayfun would look stupid on top of mine now. So any advice would be helpful for down the road.
Thanks for any help.

Kayfun lite plus V2, drop kit

Hi all, I know all you KFL experts can help me with this. When I ordered all my gear I got a nano Kit for my KFL+V2 which I like but think the drop kit is more what I want as it obviously just shortens it a little, instead of making it completely "different" tank.. I asked vivid smoke if there’s compatible w/ v2 & it’s not. Lots of the Nano kits aren’t either but I’m wondering since mine is if that would help the drop kit sit flush? Any help, anybody know where a drop kit is available for v2? Just incase, this is what I’m looking for: