Nicotine question and what makes a premium juice?

Hello! Been a long time since I’ve posted. I’ve used the same WL and MFS nic for over a year (may have been a bad idea but I’m still here so whatevah), and am up for another round of ordering. I wanted to combine my two questions in order to keep thread pollution to a minimum! Especially since they probably both get asked a lot.

Question one! Where do you buy your nic from? I tried to peruse the nic comparison thread but it just seems to go in phases and while there may be some value discussion, it seems quite buried. Therefore I’m curious who peoples number one vendor is. I’d like to go with Wizard labs again because they are so cheap, but I remember quite an off-putting smell and a seemingly strong flavor from it. I think myfreedomsmokes were the other vendor I ordered from and their nic was just fine, but I’m still curious about the best value since that is what’s driving me back to <a href="”>diy.

Question two! I am, quite frankly, addicted to several premium brands. My thing is, though… I feel that it was just a fad made popular in B&M’s. There’s the house juice, and then there’s this premium stuff that gets put on a pedestal because most house juices are just people taking recipes from here and there, half … diluting them, and slapping a ….ty label on. Premium juice, however, seems to be well made and well mixed. Probably from folks who did their research and found out what makes great vapor and what tastes best. I guess my overall question for this terribly confusing paragraph is… What flavor vendors are people using? TFA, from my experience, was really the best in terms of great straightforward fruits and such. Notsomuch for tobaccos, but I can’t vape those anymore anyway. That also leads me to the realization that I’ve only tried TFA and ….ty chinese super concentrated <a href="”>diy fruit flavors, both of which I enjoyed.

Sorry for the long read, I kinda just spew thoughts as text. In case of TL:DR, read bold/underlined/italics

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