Faulty Tank or Faulty Human?

Hi I’m new here and have a question, maybe more. I have been using the ecig for 4 weeks and have not looked back. My problem is with a Mini ProTank. With about every other refill the juice gets down on the battery connecter, comes up thru the mouth piece. I have the juice all over. The place where purchased replaced the tank with another of the same. Worked fine once, then started doing the same asa the first tank. I returned to the store with it and the assis. manager tryed getting the same outcome. After trying cleaning and putting in a new coil unit, sent me on my way happy once more.>>>>>Not for long, one day later and I am still having the same issues. Hate to go back to the store, feel like a complainer, but am not happy with the product. Am I doing something wrong?Somebody please tell me where I am going wrong.:unsure: sloopy

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