Thief caught on camera stealing my ZNA 30 SN#2099 – by: admin

ATTN: vape SHOP OWNERS AND vapeRS – HERE IS THE VIDEO OF THE mod THIEF. My ZNA 30 #2099 was stolen from my shop (in Lewisville TX) June 26, 2014. A jerk customer reached over the counter and pocketed it then walked out. It was hard for me to find and afford my unicorn, this was my personal PV. I had it for less than 24 hours. Please if you see a ZNA 30 #2099 for sale anywhere please let me know.

Here is what you will see in the video.

He asked to look at my ZNA 30 and take a vape, you will see me hand him my ZNA 30, he takes a vape, hands it back to me. He then asks me for an item, I walk away to a separate part of our store. You will see him pace back and forth, watching for me, then when he knows I am busy looking for an item for him, he casually walks over, grabs my ZNA 30, his phone and bag then quickly walks out of the store.

Shop owners and vapers be on the lookout for this guy. This guy says he was a founding partner of EA, he has a HANA V2 Serial #2 or 3, uses a Prometheus with a Q-Tip as part of the wick, and says he has a huge box of mods, and he never uses clones.

People like this gives the vaper Community a bad name. Please share this with everyone you know.

[b][url=http://www.vaperspace.​com/zna-30-thief.mp4]Click Here For Video[/url][/b]



I’ve done a few searches through various subforums before asking, but I haven’t been able to find an answer yet. Is there anyway to embed the Soundcloud player in a post? Very thankful if anyone has any info. TIA

Nautilus and Aero 2.0 bases on mt2 n pt2

I bought a nautilus and discovered the joy that adjustable air valves bring to vaping. Even brand new vapers should get kits with adjustable vavles.
Since I had just spent all my cash on juice and couldn’t explain to the wife why I just bought 2 aerotanks, bought 1 mini base, pt2 and a base for it and cost me $28, shipped.

Very sturdy with nice aesthetics imo. The dials r the genius of this tank. Customizing the draw is awesome, unlike the preset ones of nautilus. They also look sharp on the SS of the battery.
The taste is definitely letting me down tho. I’m not getting the full flavors that I KNOW r possible from the same juices. the draw is kinda dull and doesn’t carry the punch of the nautilus. flavors explode off the nautilus, they feel drawn out of kangers. Nautilus Def won this arguement that I’ve been debating for the last 3 weeks.

I’m definitely glad that I upgraded my mt2 and sorta proud of myself that I didn’t cough up $30 for aero 2.0. Nautilus will be my special one but I’m sure to make good use of kangers, since I always carry 3 flavors everywhere I go.

If nautilus makes a smaller tank with aero type openings, I’m sure to be out of money again.

If "smokeless" chewing tobacco causes cancer, then doesn’t "smokeless" e-cigs?

I have been using ecigs since 4/1/2013. No more analogs for me. I really enjoy my Ecig. However, the thought recently occurred to me………..if smokeless tobacco causes mouth, throat, and other cancers, then wouldn’t ecigs, too? I have been doing tons of research but can’t find any hard facts. All I know is that people that chew tobacco don’t cough or wheeze like cigarette smokers, but they end up getting cancer nonetheless. I no longer cough or wheeze now that I vape, but in the end will I end up getting cancer from this Ecig?