Boge slotted cartos

In my seemingly never ending search for the best tank carto I tried a few Boge slotted XL cartos. Seemed to be great, so I ordered a bunch. Now, they mostly seem to function OK, but probably half of them have an extremely tight draw. They all look the same. The hole through the center all look the same. I think the issue might be that on the tight ones, the rubber insulator inside the threaded portion (between the outer threaded portion, and the center (positive) post protrudes up and is partially blocking the two air holes just under the threads. Clear as mud? Anyone else have this issue?

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First Mod 18650 Question

I will be buying my first mod this week, already know I want a telescoping mod that’s kickable and will accept 18350, 18500 & 18650 batteries. Have done my home work on RBA’s & battery safety. I ordered 2-Efest 18650 2000 mah batteries & a charger from RTD Vapor, a B&M recommended on Taste Your juice. However a trip to my local B&M, which has very limited supply & knowledge caught me off guard. He asked me how many amps the batteries had that I’d ordered. I had no idea, it was no where in their description. I had to go to Taste Your juice battery chart to find the information for myself, but that brought me more questions maybe someone can explain to me.
I’m not getting into mods to cloud chase, I’m doing it because I’m tired of replacing ego batteries and Kanger coils. I want something that will last more than 6 months! I’m a heavy vaper, at least a 5 ml. tank per. day, I cycle thru 2-3 1000mAh ego Twist in a 16-18 hr. day.
I see everything from a Aw 18650 1600 mah, 20 amp to a Samsung ICR18650- 30A 3000 mah, 5.9 amp on this chart. What would probably give me the longest vape time considering I’ll be wrapping my coils around 1.8 ohms.

Old dogs are never to old to learn, Thanks for continuing my education!;)


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Too much nicotine or not enough?

I know this will be a hard question to answer but I’m hoping some other quitter here will have figured this out in the early days. I’m three days off the stinkies and I’m smoking Blu disposables until my kit arrives in the mail. I bought the disposables just to try them out and see if I could smoke less and I haven’t had a ciggy since. I’ve kept up my routine – out on the patio or smoking section to "smoke", approximately the same number of times per day and the same number of drags although I changed my "form" after reading the FAQ here and take longer gentler pulls – but I feel like azz! I have a dreadful headache, my eyes feel unfocused, I feel a smidge dizzy, and I have a strange (possibly coincidental) red rash under my eyebrows. I know that last one sounds very strange but I’ve never had it before and it started the day after I made the switch and has continued to get rashier. But I don’t feel like I’m having a traditional nic fit.
What I’m wondering is how do I know if I should vape more or less?
Anyone had a crazy rash from ecigs?
Thanks to anyone who can offer suggestions!

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