Mech mod hesitation

So I’m looking to get into Mech mods but cautious do to all the disclaimers. Batteries, shorts, voltage drops etc. Can someone help me out with a few concerns, How do you know when the battery is discharged enough to charge it? What kind of maintenance do mechs require? I’m not looking to sub ohm are mechs pointless then?

30W question

I have a few questions about the whole concept of a 30W mod.

1) I’ve been waiting eagerly for the KSD Vamo 30w mod to come out. I see other 30w mods come out, and most seem to rely on a two battery system. After doing some thinking and looking at ohms law calculator, I’ve noticed a few things.
a) using ohms law calculator, a 30w output using a 4.2v freshly charged battery says it should work with a .588 ohm coil. Most of the 30w mods have a limit of a .5 ohm coil… is this a coincidence?
b) most of the clone 30w mods comming out require two batteries or have two batteries installed. is this a coincidence?
c) the Evolve DNA 30 can get 8.3 volts out of a 4.2v battery…. exactly how does it get double without pulsing.
d) would a two battery 30w system perform better than a single?

2) I know the demand is there, but why is supply so hard for a decent 30w mod? It makes me want to make my own instead of waiting.
3) Has there been any talk about a 30w kick module?
4) I only have $100 budgeted for a 30w mod… I’ve had that for the last two months. I haven’t pulled the trigger yet, and it looks like it’ll probably be a CHDNA model. Any US 30w mods?

can anyone shed some light on the subject? Thanks in advance.