26 gauge to 24 gauge…word

Just got a Panzer copper clone with IGO-W5 atty and have been using 26 gauge. Well I just tried it with 5 wraps with a 24 gauge and it is way different (more flavor!)!!
I’m new to mech mods but I’ve been vaping for over a year without a single cigarette. I’m not CRAZY into vaping but I DO appreciate a good vape with taste being the priority over clouds (although I do appreciate a good cloud!).
There is so many vape shops where I live its hard to keep count!! Everyone spitt’n knowledge, I’m just like…whoa!! But I get it! hahaha 😀
see yah

Positive or Negative in Astro Mod Clone

Hi Team,

I was told by two different shops two different things. One said it didn’t matter if the positive or negative were towards at the atty side. One guy was adamant since it didn’t have a nipple, to have the positive side up towards the atty.

Is there really a huge difference and would it affect anything? I tried both ways and found no difference in performance or issues (for the time being)

Any feedback for a newbie would be appreciated!

Am I doing this wrong?

Okay, so about a month ago I ordered one of the new MBV flavors from their GWAR line of e-juices. It’s called <a href="http://www.mtbakervapor.com/nicotine-juice/jizmoglobin/” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Jizmoglobin and as you can see in the reviews everyone loves this flavor. Well, when it arrived in the mail I opened it up and smelled it & it had a butterscotch smell to it, now in the past when I get a juice like that ("French Toast" from "Quick Nic juice" or "Deadly Sin" from "Good life Vapor") and it has that smell, I never like it, it’s always gag worthy to me, but, I got those juices because the reviews were so good. Anyway, I thought, "maybe my set up is just bad for these kinds of juices" my current set-up is a ego-C battery with a pre-punched cartomizer in a IBTanked glass with stainless steel ring carto tank. So I figured I’d buy a clearomizer the Aspire ET BDC Clearomizer Tank so after having steeped Jizmoglobin for a month I put it into the clearomizer & at least I wasn’t gagging, but, the taste is just not there, I can’t explain it other than just being bad. I don’t think I burned it either, I always prep correctly & I never have any issues with fruity/sweet flavored juices.

Quick side note: When I first stated vaping I used an ego-c starter kit and I had a vanilla flavor from MBV and it was great with the atomizer, but, when I switched the juice into a carto, it had that same crappy gag flavor to it. Don’t know if that will help with solving this?

So, if anyone can help me out with this that would be great! Am I using the wrong gear for these juices? Do you prep a certain way, etc. I really want to like these juices, they sound so good, but, honestly if I can’t find a solution then I’m just going to stick with flavors I know will be safe, and that’s boring since there are so many other good flavors out there. Thanks in advance, let’s figure this out!

Tobeco Veritas RDA Clone, anyone with experience?

I know these have been out for literally a week, I am waiting to pull the trigger on one but I have found ZERO feedback about it.

Was hoping maybe someone out there in vapeland has one or has vaped one.

I’ve been waiting for a clone of a veritas since the thing came out. The main selling point for me is I absolutely want a leak proof , or at least leak resistant dripper, which the veritas seems to do quite well.

I have never owned a tobeco product so im not sure on their build quality. Can anyone chime in on this?

Heavily considering a Silver Dog

First off, forgive me if I posted in the wrong section x.x


I’m heavily considering this guy. Ironically, to butcher tho. I think it has the same threads as a chi-you, which shares the same threads as my hammer. So I’m hoping with a bit of modification, I can use the switch and atty on my hammer and make it a hybrid hammer of epicsauce.

Worst case, I got a cool looking hybrid genny ^^

So before I order this sucker sometime tomorrow or monday, is there anything I should know about it that would prevent me from buying one?

Vapor Production and Flavor Quality

Ok guys and girls, first off thanks for stopping by and giving the thread a view. My question is how much better the vapor production and flavor intensity will be on my new setup I have coming in the mail. Just a little background, my current setup is an Itaste VTR with a TOBH Clone I got from a local B&M, it was like 20 bucks.

I got this just to tinker around with it and practice on it until the real thing gets here as I think I am ready to step my vape game up. Built some single micro coils and macro coils and even tried a diamond coil (Can you guess who I watch on youtube? haha). Its been a great step up from a cartomizer as far a my vape quality goes but not exactly what I had in mind. My builds are clocking in anywhere between 1.4-2.1 Ohms and I am just firing wide open (15 W 6 V). Now my setup I have coming in the mail is a Hana modz V3 with a Zenith V2 Atty on top. As previously stated, and I understand that my build quality greatly effects what I am about to ask, how much better is my vape experience going to be? Thanks in advance guys!!

The Fourth CASAA PSA


I made these to send to family and friends to get them to go to <acronym title="Consumer Advocates for smoke-free Alternatives Association”>CASAA and find out about what they can do to stop the FDA from turning the e-cig industry over to Big Tobacco. <acronym title="Consumer Advocates for smoke-free Alternatives Association”>CASAA‘s much better at explaining what’s going on than I am. If you like these please spread ’em around where you think they’ll do the most good.