Mech Mod Suggestions

So I have a Brass Nemesis currently and while I love it I am wanting a new mod and my local B&M is giving me a great deal and first pick on either a Brass King V2 or an Copper Nemesis.
Which one should I get and why? I dislike v-drop btw ha.


First post here, looking for advice…

I’ve been looking at a kayfun lite plus. I’m interested in buying my first rebuild able with a tank so that I don’t have to drop some juice in it every few hits. Since the kayfun light plus is the first one I ever saw and took interest in, I was wondering if you guys could either confirm my like for it or direct me to something where my money would be better spent, or some other rebuild able tank that I should study up on to help me make an educated decision on a rebuild able tank. Up to this point with out better knowledge I don’t mind clones unless you all can direct in a way that I should.

Also, so, I was recently told to not vape at work because I work in a tobacco free zone. This makes no sense to me because vaping is not tobacco, but they tell me it’s because it looks like smoke. Can you guys help me build a case as to why vaping isn’t tobacco, it isn’t smoke and why I should be allowed to vape at work since their policy specifies tobacco as banned but says nothing about vapor, or nicotine?

Mixing various e liquid brands???

I’m curious to know if when some of you mix a flavor from say one vendor with a little bit of something else from another vendor if you tend to try and keep the pg/vg ratios and nic levels the same or not. Does this matter at all? Example: can you mix a 70/30 blend of lets say menthol from one vendor with lets say a 50/50 blend of some kind of fruit flavor or something from another vendor?? Or perhaps a bakery flavor mixed with a different vendors tobacco flavor??? I mean I don’t see why not just curious to know if you play mad scientist with your random e liquids you have lying around if its better to try and stick with atleast the same pg/vg ratios or does it matter? Plus the fact that different vendors use different brands of flavorings, nic, pg, vg etc. Id be interested to know if mixing vatios liquids throws off the chemistry of the end product. I know this is a weird inquiry, I’ve been drinking lol

polishign brass with household items

so ive got a brass nemesis. when i first got it it had a beautiful mirror like shine for about ten minutes until i touched it. i want to polish my mod however i am broke and lack the proper materials to polish it. i was wondering what could be done. ive herd a mixture of flour vinegar and salt will work nicely if you scrub it with a toothbrush. ive also herd of using ketchup. what could i do to restore it to a perfect shne? i used toothpaste and that worked nicely but its still incredibly dull. i also sprayed the thread with wd40 however i feel like that tarnished it all over again. what should i do thanks <acronym title="e-cigarette Forum”>ecf!

Hey! New to vaping got some questions

Hey so i put down the cigs and picked up my first vaporizer last saturday. I got the mvp itaste 2.0. With the i clear 30. I love it so far. But now i think my wicks or something are burnt out. Because my starting to get a burnt taste. How do i go about changing the heads? Or should i just buy a brand new iclear 30?

All prettied up

A bit of polish on one, some shiney new brass and a nice new drip tip for the new addition.

Precious and Blue have become bffs.

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Nautilus mini

This morning I just get back from Aspire ,the manufacturer of Nautilus.Nautilus Mini just been finished design and put into produce.It has not been evaluated.I will known the price about next Monday and this tank will be launch about 2 weeks later. I have more information and picture to share but I’m not allow to use the attachment.So if you need them you can leave your email below or just email me.