DIY full mechanical mod vaporizer pen Tronix Mod – by: smypuff

:ohmy: <a href="”>diy full mechanical mod vaporizer pen Tronix mod with 510 float pin and air flow design .
Never let you drop vaping ! :woohoo:
Compatible with battery styles of 18350, 18650,18650
Durable high grade metal material, elegant appearance
Power Strong, individualization design , full mechanical mod
Flat top 510 Atomizers Connector cap with air flow design
Unique serial number engraved on the button
Telescopic devices out of the body
Package Included:
1pcs battery mod
1pcs gift box
model: Flip V3 mod
Color: Stainless steel/red/blue/black/chrome
Match with: 510 thread atomizer
Screw Thread: 510/ego thread atomizer
battery: 18350/18500/18650
Switch: Adjustable throw button
Package: Gift Box
Payment: Western Union, Paypal, T/T. HK HSBC
Certificate: CE,ROHS,FCC
Warranty: 6months
e cig wholesale Best Flip mod V3 Tronix mod picture show:


eGo-CE8 – by: ambercliman

ego-CE8 mainly consists of three parts: [b][size=5][color=#ff0000]batt​ery, clearomizer, cartridge[/color][/size][/b].


Firstly, we​​’d like to talk about the battery. The battery is standard ego battery, which features ego/ 510 thread and short circuit protection. Also with 5-click on the button, you can switch on / off the the battery.

The special part of this e-cigarette is its clearomizer. All the individual part of the clearomizer are replaceable. It can be dismounted into 4 parts: Bottom base with coil, middle chamber part, top coil (contact with cartridge), and top chamber (for holding cartridge).


As to the coil, it consists of two coils: top coil on the middle chamber and heating coil on the base. And the coil are rebuildable and replaceable. You just need to buy the coil and wires.Then can <a href="”>diy make your own coil with whatever resistance you like. And with the increment of the resistance, the vapor decreases.


Lastly, it​​’s about the cartridge. It​​’s the same as ego-T/ ego-C cartridge. While refilling e-liquid, you should remove the caps at first, and then refill e-liquid. When the process of refilling is over, you should screw the cap onto the cartridge. Normally the e-liquid will not leak since only one hole for transmitting the juice. It​​’s recommended to keep the cap screw tightly in order to make sure there is no liquid leakage.


Here​​’s the introduction of [url=​o-ce8-px2ac3g-p-862.html][colo​r=#ff0000][size=5]ego-CE8[/siz​e][/color][/url], Hope it would be helpful.

Ouch!!!!!! Brainfart!!!

welp, i just had my first vaping brain fart and boy was it a good way to make me remember to be safe. I’m sitting here vaping my omega RDA on my turtleship v2 and watching videos on youtube. i needed to drip some more juice and i had removed the top cap of my omega. i dripped on some juice and then got really fascinated with the video i was watching. 5 minutes later i wanted a vape. i raised my mod to my mouth hit the fire button and began inhaling when OWWWWW …….*!!!! i forgot to put my top cap back on and literally wrapped my lips around bare, scalding hot coils. plus you know, hot juice popped all over my face and now my lip is puffed up and burning. literally the dumbest thing i have ever done in my life haha. how could i be so stupid?

Brandy Alexander

My first complex recipe is purty good!

(All TFA flavors)

Whipped Cream: 30.0%
Brandy: 50.0%
Holiday Spice: 15.0%
Maraschino Cherry: 5.0%

10% in vapers Tek’s PG nic, 65% VG/10% DW, 25% PG. The maraschino cherry makes a nice subtle finish… :toast: