did i just harm my battery?

While out shopping earlier I picked up an Efest 18650 2500mah (the purple one). I stuck it in my mod while I was still in the store. I started vaping with it and forgot to check the voltage on it. I just now noticed I was getting very small hits and decided to check the voltage on it. It was down to a 3.23V. So I pulled it out of my mod and threw it on the charger fast!!!

Did I cause any long term harm to it by draining it that low? If so, I will just buy another one tomorrow. Right now they are only $6 at my local vape shop 😀

Whatever floats your REO

So I’m prepping vape supplies for a 7-mile float trip down a lazy river. My Old Black Grand for me, Mini 2.1 for my wife, and a spare Grand tucked away (didn’t need it). Things can get a little ‘tipsy’ on a float trip with a bunch of yahoo’s and I had realized a few days prior that that any or all of these mods would sink like a rock if they went into the drink. I tested some adhesive foam from Hobby Lobby which actually looked pretty nice but it ultimately failed the float test. It wasn’t buoyant enough to float a REO. I had pretty much resolved to winging it until I spotted a pool noodle in a display while shopping for other supplies the night before. It had about a 3/4" hole through the center, was very buoyant, would be easy to work with, and set me back about two bucks. (There are also some noodles with a much larger i.d. so if you go noodle shopping, be aware of that.)

I’m sure I looked a little odd, closely examining these pool noodles in the store for a few minutes, pondering how I might make it work. But I settled in on a lime green one figuring it would be easy to see in a river. Later that night went to work with my jacknife, fitting it to my Grand first. On that one, I ended up splitting the noodle down the center, cutting the slot for a tight fit, then taping the two halves back together with some packing tape that was handy. Then I cut a squonk hole. I made a second smaller one for the Mini without splitting the noodle. I left about a half inch of the bottom uncut on these (just the original round hole).

Ultimately, since the thing ended up so close to the size of a 12oz can, I chucked them both into foam koozies and they were a nice fit. Again with the jacknife, it didn’t take much to make a squonk hole in a koozie.

They worked great all day for protecting the mods as they slid down between coolers and junk in the raft and were actually quite comfortable to hold and vape. They ended up in the bottom of the boat plenty of times but the thickness of all the foam kept them protected, out of the mess, and working 100%. Not a single problem with either one all day.

And these little rigs pass the float test. They will float your metal REO Grand with a battery, full bottle, and igo-w.

The REO’s were the perfect mods for this trip and knowing they would float if things got weird helped make for a relaxing and memorable day on the water.

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VTR, batteries and rda’s

OK, I’ve been Vaping for a few months now, started with a vamo v2 (gift from a friend) went from an Evod tank to a PT2, then started rebuilding my coils for my PT2 heads.

About a month or so ago, I bought a VTR v2 and an Igo-w. I’ve drilled the air holes on the cap (re drilling soon to be bigger) and I just don’t seem to get the same amount of vapor off my VTR that I’ve seen on other regulated mod videos.

I’ve been Vaping in voltage mode using Ohms law to reach 25-36 Watts (based on coil resistance), now the question I have will my new 35A efest batteries improve performance on my VTR? Or is it just not capable of that kind of performance?

I’ve even sub-ohm’d with the Igo-w (always single coil… Doesn’t seem to like dual coil set up).. Lowest I’ve built thus far was a 0.6 nano, 0.6 parallel, 0.5 micro… None of which gave stellar results.

The batteries I have is one Sony 18650b (6A I believe) and a blue no name I can’t find info on.

Now, I have a Stillaire v2 clone and a Cloupor DNA30 clone, and an aerotank base, on the way to me as we speak. So, is the VTR limited or will my new batteries improve my vape?

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Something different (tobacco)

So I decided to play with the only tobacco that really grabs me which is FA Tuscan reserve. I added a few drops to Baked Cinnamon roll from One Stop Flavors and man it’s pretty nice. If you like Tuscan Reserve and Cinnamon Roll this is a must try. Just a few drops does the job I started with 6 drops but 3 is more where I think it works best. I am now going to experiment with this and adding some creams, nuts and beverage flavors to see where it takes me. And this is the first time I really enjoy a tobacco without steeping so I can imagine it would be even better in a week or two.

Time to order 16oz of Baked Cinnamon Roll. :ohmy:

Wakonda Near Zero nic ?

Is that somewhere in the pipeline ?

I’m asking because I’m preparing a new order with A LOT of Wakonda, I want to steep it, but I’m planning on going down to 0 in the next few months…. so what A LOT will mean depends on the future availability of NNAI for it…

New Member – Introduction & Question

Hello! First, I want say that this forum is so helpful! I am so thankful for what I’ve learned here and kudos to those helping newbs like me.

I smoked a PAD for close to 25-years. Late last year, I picked up an EVOD starter kit to see if e-cigs could pull me in enough to get away from smoking. It did ok, but lost its luster w/in a week or so. Constantly having to charge it (with a special charger), no adjustments, etc… Fast forward to 3-weeks ago. Tired of the smokers cough, shallow breaths, generally feeling run down, I came here and started some research. I landed on the MVP 2.0 w/the iClear 30. I also got an Aerotank for those tank-busting juices and two (2) EVOD tanks. I still had two clear tanks that came with the starter kit, which cannot be rebuilt.

Tomorrow, Saturday, will be 2-weeks with no cigarettes. Cravings have been (really) hard at times, but the MVP and a good variety of juices is doing the trick for me. Cough has already almost gone away, although I might have "Quitters Flu" or some kind of sinus infection. Breathing is much better and my energy level throughout the day increased to the point it was hard for me to believe. Gonna stick with it, seems that my old Pall Mall Blues get much less appealing by the day.

Here is what I have found that works (so far) for me. 1) Variable voltage mod with a huge battery. Variable voltage has allowed me to turn the wattage down and get more flavor from some juices. Also, having to constantly worry about a small battery going dead and carrying the charger everywhere doesn’t qualify as a "benefit" to me compared to a carton of smokes and a lighter. The MVP easily lasts 2-3 days and uses the same charger as my Android phone. 2) Variety of juices. My taste seem to be changing frequently. Also, the wick may get burned or something and the juice taste like crap. I keep about five tanks with different juices and when a craving hits, I’ll sometimes take 3-5 puffs from each one. Gets me over the hump.

Here’s my question. What is the best cheap clearomizer for the MVP? I can get five EVOD atomizers for $7. But, I’ve found they leak very easy on the MVP. Seems that if they’re screwed too tight, the battery pin will push too hard and break the o-ring seal. It’s got me about three times so far. Overall, I have to say that for me, the iClear 30 has been the most reliable and delivers the best taste/cloud. Next, the Aerotank. It’s so easy to clean and maintenance, but not as good on the flavor (it’s not bad either). Lastly, the two disposable clearos that came in the EVOD starter kit. I’m still using them with great taste and clouds! BTW, with all of these, I use 50/50. Have some 60(PG)/40(VG) on the way from Mount Baker because it seems like the taste of each juice gets weaker every day. Hoping the increased PG will help out.

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated!