Is this battery indent normal?

My son asked me if this indentation on the bottom of the Kamry 18650, is normal. I have no idea. The smaller battery doesn’t have the indent. He just got the Kamry 101 yesterday. The battery came with it.

Thanks in advance, for any help.

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p.s. He started to peel away the wrapper, then decided against it.

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Nude Nicotine – 15% off concentrated flavorings

Upon checkout, use the code CHEMISTSCORNER03 for 15%-off of any of our concentrated flavorings!
(Now through 6-22-14)

If you haven’t had a chance to sample our PG-free concentrated flavorings, now is a great chance to do so! We manufacture each and every flavor from raw natural fruits and bakery items by reflux distilling with our proprietary blend of VG and ethyl alcohol. EXTREMELY concentrated; recommended for use at 2.5-7.5%, as to allow for 100% VG mixes and for those who flavor-conscious

Nude Nicotine – Chemically Validated and Artfully Concocted Electronic Cigarette liquid

The Vapers Exhibit Trade Show

Has anyone been to this and is it worth the ticket price to go. I don’t want to buy tickets to wak in & end up walking out within 10 mins. Plus it is at the Cashman Center. I’ve never been there, but I hear it’s not the best neighborhood. (it’s not on the strip or right off the strip, this is REALLY REALLY off the strip).:unsure:

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so i got my DIY juices as a gift, but i need help on it.

waddup people, i got my <a href="”>diy stuff as a graduation presents today from my friend, but the thing is i need help on it in order to make the juices. all the juices are nicotine free except the one w/ the white cap on Bavarian Cream. should i use this ejuice calculator -> <a href="” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>ejuice Recipe Calculator and when i clicked "ejuice me up" i have it installed on my comp it looked hella confusing.

any advice will do, thank you adv.

1. unflavored juice 236ml (8oz.) blend 20PG / 80VG, nicotine free.

2. 4 – 15ml bottles of flavorings Rock Party Energy, Strawberry Moo juice, Mango and (White Cap) – Bavarian Cream, blend 50/50 6mg, i got this for free which i didnt know about from MBV.

3. 3 – 30ml empty bottles and i have 1 – 15ml bottle forgot to put in the picture.

Best way to mix juice and whats your favorite mix combinations?

I have gone through all my sample sizes (13 different flavors, mostly tobacco line) and came up with my personal rankings with Midnight, Prime, and Freedom being my top 3.

So now I thought I would give mixing a shot to see if i could like some of my less favorites a little more.
I have been putting drops into my mini tanks and giving them a little shake and rolling it to get the little air bubble to help mix.
How do you guys do your mixing?
And also, what are some of your favorite combinations I could try?

Newly Converted

So I must admit, I was pretty skeptical at first. I’ve been smoking for nearly 10 years now and always said I could quit cold turkey any day. Well back in March, I was in the hospital for a week (gallbladder) and of course, didn’t have a single smoke. Easy way to quit, right? I got home and started jonesing. My car was at a friend’s house because we’d carpooled and my mom came and got me from work to take me to the ER. So I’m at home recovering and my car is somewhere else. And all I can think about is I have two cigarettes left in a pack 10 miles away.

Now it’s not like I’m feeling like a million bucks. Getting up to use the potty was a challenge since I’d had surgery. So it’s not like I was craving a hit. No, it was the action of it. It was a routine to occasionally go outside and light up. So fast forward a few days and I go get my car. I light up. It tasted something foul and I threw it on the ground and gave the other one away. I declared I was quit.

Well, I had a wedding to be in that weekend (not joking, before my surgery I asked the doctor if I was still going to be able to be in this wedding cause I was a bridesmaid and had spent nearly 500 dollars on my dress and stuff (don’t even get me started T_T)) and the bride was a smoking buddy. I bought a pack for the drive up there because it was a good hour and a half and smoking while driving was one of my habits. I didn’t even light one up until I was almost there and it still tasted horrible. I thought I’d be giving the pack away.

I smoked the whole pack that weekend thanks to a mixture of alcohol and vicodin. Said I was done. Driving back home I was so tired that I stopped and got another pack thinking the action of it would help keep me awake. And that’s how I didn’t quit smoking.

Fast forward to about 2 weeks ago.

My boyfriend is a big fanatic and I’d tried his ecig a few times and didn’t care much for it. I said ‘it’s not the nicotine, it’s the action of it so I don’t think it’s for me.’ Well a friend of his gave him a ton of stuff. About 50+ bottles of juice, batteries, tanks etc. So he gave me a little battery and a tank and gave me some juice to try. Black Mamba w/ menthol from the Pink Spot. I smoked my last cigarette on June 9th and haven’t gone back since.

Except now I’m trading buying cigs for buying juice haha. Which is ludicrous considering he’s got so many bottles of juice now. But they’re all 24mg and 18mg. I only smoked 4-6 cigs a day and a pack usually lasted me 3-4 days so I’m thinking I want to go down in strength. I’ve ordered 12mg of Orange Dream Bar with 1 flavor shot from Mt Baker Vapor. Blame that on buying orange creamsicle ice cream and deciding I really wanted to vape it haha. But I’ve also tried Twisted Java from Halo and I really liked it. Went into one of those tobacco stores with some friends and on a whim bought some Mountain Dew and Fruit Punch. Kind of a miss on flavor but I mixed the two together and it’s decent. I’d really like to try Rainbow Sherbert from Mt Baker Vapor but I’m trying not to buy anymore for a while.

I think the next one I get I’ll try 6mg.

I think the hardest thing so far has been not to chain vape because I’m used to cigarettes.

So hey! I’m a forum junkie so expect to see me around. 🙂

Newcomer to these parts, Esterigon 1st impression

Hello gents,

and ladies,

I dont post much here, but I do read and lurk ever since I added a GG mod to my collection some months ago. If you wanna know a quick little blurb about my vaping interests, its quite simple. smoke free for ju-u-ust about a year now thanks to vaping. Started with them Blu’s, progressed to cheap china VV mods etc etc.. I have literally taken the long, long path to arrive where I am know. I wasn’t into vaping when you guys only had simple 801 batteries and cartridge attys, but Ive vaped on them. Ive tried the vast majority of vaping power sources and topper devices out there, and it wasn’t until I found rebuildable atomizers, and then put those things on mechanical mods, that I found the vape that would truly keep me away from cigarettes. Today, thats 99% of what I vape. Mechanicals with rebuildables. the other rare 1% is a DNA30 mod which I recently bought, and will use now and then.

I DO NOT buy counterfiets, but if YOU do, Id still be happy to share a vape with ya.

So, my package from Fluid arrived today. It was a classic, Bishopheals inspired, GG order. Esterigon w/18650 tube, some Japanese cotton, and 60ml of Cinnamon (.Y.)’s. Happy camper=me.

This is my second GG, my first, a couple months ago, was/is, a Just GG, Stainless Steel. The JGG has been one of my favorites of my collection.. Im very much into the high end european mods.. Im a GP PAPS Fanatic, and the Atmomixani Nemesis was my first Mech. The Just GG fit right in. So when I heard about the Esterigon, I jumped on it. I didn’t even really know much about it, I was told about the launch a few hours prior, and new I loved my JGG, so I just bought it when it launched.

I was surprised to learn it was 21mm, but everything else about looked awesome, the design and internals.. very nice. And 21mm isn’t a problem, I was just surprised. I have a lot of RDAs, majority of which are 22mm, however it just so happens, two of my favorites are 21mm, so no big deal really.

This mod is solid. It really is a unique piece of kit. You could say other mods look similar to previous GG mods, especially the GGTS and JGG. There are plenty of side button mechs out there.. they dont all have the quality behind them like the GGs, but they do share some aesthetics. But not the Esterigon.

this thing is one unique mech. And I REALLY dig it.

Its actually my ONLY 21mm mod. Ive got a LOT of 22mms, a hefty handful of 23mms, and a singular 21mm mod. But I like it!, it fits in the hand well. The button is BUTTTTTTTTER. Supreme action.

I mean honestly, everything about this mod just oozes style and sophistication,, as does my Just GG, and many other GG mods. Can’t say Im a huge fan of knurling, but I still really would like a GGTS.

I guess thats all I have to say really. This mod is superbly awesome. And while I own another GG, I wouldn’t fall into the category of "GG-minati".. The way a lot of you guys are about your GGs, Im like that with the GP PAPS. And I dont say that to disrespect, the exact opposite infact. I say that to point out, Id have no problem dissing this mod left right and center if it deserved it, I have no allegiance here. But I can’t. This mod is SWEET!

With the build quality, design choices, construction and overall badassery this mod exudes, ANY Mech Head should be tracking down an Esterigon. This is an awesome piece for ANY collection, and if you’re into the other European/Grecian mods, you should want this mod even more.

Well done Imeo, Well done Indeed Sir.

TL;DR Version- The Esterigon is a Mechanical Personal Vaporizer that vaporizes Electronic liquid for inhalation and absorption of nicotine.

.30 gauge Kanthal

So I went to my local b&m today and bought some Kanthal. After I left i discovered it was .30 instead of .28 that I’m used. It feels so flimsy compared to what I’m used to. How do I build with this? It sounds like a stupid question but I’m a bit confused 😀

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