EVOD Mini Ago-G5 Dry Herb Vaporizer – by: ambercliman

EVOD Mini Ago-G5 Dry Herb Vaporizer, with five colors, only need $8.74.



Have a look at it! Thank you! Have a nice day! :ohmy: :ohmy:


1 month off analogs and couldn’t be happier.

Well I’ve been vaping now for about a month and while I’m still hacking up nasty junk out of my lungs on occasion I am noticing a significant improvement in my health. Last weekend I took my twelve year old to the park to practice some softball. I was fielding balls she hit and found myself running yes running something I have not done in years due to being to winded to do so. It felt like I was twelve myself, I couldn’t believe it. If I were still smoking I would have been dying trying to catch my breath. It took bait of money as I started with a g6 kit and a single 400 mah triton then picked up a triton kit more supplies juice etc. But now that I’ve got some quality gear I’m super happy and now the only money I’ve been spending has been on juice. Don’t get me wrong there are lots of vaping things I want but I don’t need. Cool thing is my brother in law is in town visiting and was using a blu ecig. Wish he would have said something before he bought it as I ccould have pointed him in a better direction, but I gave him my 400 mah triton and I think he’s hooked.